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Back in April, Street Fighter EX series developer ARIKA announced a new fighting game was in development featuring characters from the EX series including Hokuto, Kairi, and Garuda. What originally looked like an elaborate April Fool’s joke at first, appeared to be a full on game. At EVO 2017, ARIKA brought their fighting game currently known as ARIKA EX so that attendees would have a chance to play the game and collect feedback.

While the game is still not confirmed as a new title in the Street Fighter EX series, it does give fans of the series something they’ve been missing after 16 years. During Day 3 Finals of the EVO 2017 a new trailer for ARIKA EX was shown and at the end of the trailer it reveals two more characters returning, Skullomania and Darun Mister.

ARIKA’s new fighting game is in development for the PlayStation 4 and set for a release in 2018. It was also revealed that a Limited Time Playable Beta and Server Test will be happening towards the end of the year.


Street Fighter EX3 on the PlayStation 2 was the last installment in the series and even if this isn’t a new Street Fighter EX series it’s great to see ARIKA’s signature style return after so long.