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Capcom revealed at Evo 2017, that Final Fight’s Abigail will be the next DLC character coming to Street Fighter V. A member of the Mad Gear Gang, Abigail looks completely different than he originally did in the Final Fight series. For one thing, he is a massive giant that towers above characters like Ed and is pretty quick for a person of his size.

Abagail in Final Fight and Abagail in Street Fighter V

Abigail has quite a bit of reach and a variety of powerful blows that can bounce you around. His V-Reversal sends you flying with a drop kick, while his V-Skill looks like a counter attack similar to Ryu’s counter that looks more like a Zangief counter that can be followed up. His V-Trigger seems to power him up similar to Birdie’s. Abigail’s size will also play a huge factor in your incoming since it looks like his rapid air punch move could be an instant reaction to jumping characters at the arc of their jump and worst of all it may be hard for many characters to actually cross him.

Abagail joins Akuma, Kolin, and Ed as downloadable characters in Season Two of Street Fighter V with two more characters set to be revealed. Abagail will be available to download on July 25th, along with a new Metro City Bay Area stage.