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For the last twenty years, we’ve followed Ash on his adventures to be a Pokémon Master through various regions accompanied by various friends he makes along the way. Let’s face it, Ash (known in Japan as Satoshi) will forever be ten years old but some important details are about to be changed.

To celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary, The Pokémon Company is releasing a new animated film titled Pokémon, I Choose You! which is is re-telling of Ash’s first journey in the Kanto region. After 20 years, it might not be a bad idea to get caught up from the start, except this isn’t the original Pokémon you knew as both Misty and Brock have been removed and replaced with two new characters Makoto.

It’s quite odd when you think of it, it’s not like this is a new story in the midst of the adventure. Both characters played big parts in the series especially Brock who accompanied Ash the longest. It won’t only be Makoto and Souji being added in the film, as the official website also adds a few new characters.

The movie will also feature various Pokémon from the series not only the original 151 as Souji’s partner Pokémon us Lucario, while Makoto’s is a Piplup. It will also see the addition of a new Pokémon, who more than likely will be a new legendary which will be released at a later time. You may also notice that Ash’s hat has a different design from the original series.

The movie will see a release next week in Japan. While Misty or Brock have been erased from the original timeline, you can be happy to note Team Rocket is still around trying to capture Pikachu.