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While at E3 last week, we had a chance to talk to Stephen Viljoen the producer on Project Cars. He gave us an insight on how Project Cars will innovate on its already widely popular predecessor. “On the first Project Cars we worked hard to be one of the most advanced driving simulators on the market. With the largest track roster of any game out there,” Viljeon said. While speaking with him, a few additions caught our eye.

Seasons will play a big part in the Project Cars 2 experience. Time of year will affect gameplay by changing the weather on the track. They achieved this by using a tool called “Live Track 3.0” this allows the creators to use a more accurate weather system. Viljoen prefaced this by giving us an example. “Rain will have a more dynamic effect on the road and environment. Such as grass for example, grass will build up rain and spill over to the track, making driving much more difficult and more technical. If it stops raining and cars keep driving on certain parts of the track, those parts will be the driest. Making it more advantageous to use those lines to your advantage.” He did however add that the water on your tires would still affect your performance even if the road is dry.

Another significant change is to the online play and multiplayer. Online championship is a new mode with two key features, the first being a ranking system. This system allows you to play against players that are similar in not only driving style but skill as well. So if you are known for being too aggressive or rage quitting, then you will be put in a lobby with other people of similar attitudes. The second of these new features allows you to create a multiplayer career mode, giving you the freedom to set time of day, season, class, and rules. You can also add penalties and assign a person in the lobby to broadcast duties and be a commentator.

The last of these changes is the addition of two new car manufacturers and new class types. The new manufacturers in this game are Porsche and Ferrari, both of which were noticeably absent from the first game. The new class types being added to Project Cars 2 are F1 and Rally X1 classes, making races more varied and diverse.

Project Cars 2 and all of its new additions and features will be speeding its way on to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 22nd, 2017.