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Detroit: Becoming Human

Whenever you think E3 (Electronic Gaming Expo), the first thing that comes to mind are video games.  This year was even bigger as it was the first time the public was able to attend (previous years, only members of the press were able to attend).  Today, I had a chance to attend my very first E3 and despite the massive amount of crowds, I was still able to play some of the up and coming games which is what a trip to E3 is all about!  One of the games I got a chance to play was Detroit: Becoming Human.

Detroit: Becoming Human is developed by Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls) and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Playstation 4. It’s a neo-noir thriller (Similar to LA Noire that was released for XBOX 360 in 2011) that takes place in the future where Androids are taking over the world and are used more commonly for your day to day jobs such as babysitting, police work, etc.  Due to this, the unemployment rate is very high and there is somewhat of a hatred/discrimination against them (Androids).  The Androids basically out-number the Humans.

What makes this game interesting is that your choices decide the outcome of the game. Yes, you read right!  You basically choose what happens in every scene by the choices you make (every choice you make can have consequences).  We may all start playing the same game but the end result may be different as we all make different choices in different situations.

I played Conor, an android sent in to investigate (help police) a hostage situation with a deviant android involving a child.  The game play was smooth. The controls were easy to understand (if you are familiar with a PS4 controller).  I am still amazed at how far technology has come. The graphics were just amazing!  As stated before, the gameplay is smooth and Conor really mimics the movements of Android.  You get to investigate several clues on the scene such as a empty gun case, an item cooking on the stove, bloody shoe of a child,  TV news coverage, and dead bodies just to name a few.  Not only did I like searching for clues as a detective, I really liked the replaying of the crime.  Once you collected the initial clues, you were able to replay the events that occurred prior to the crime.  As you were replaying the scene, you could collect even more clues.  You were able to rewind it if you missed something.  The controls were a little tricky but I had no problem figuring it out. Of course, I’m saving the best for last!

Detroit: Becoming Human

My absolute favorite scene is when you confront the deviant android in the hostage situation.  This scene of the game literally had me on the edge of my toes.  When playing, you drown out everything around you and the game becomes your focal point.  It was also like the scene was playing in slow-motion.  I was thinking that I was going to make the wrong decisions and the poor girl wasn’t going to make it. But I stood my ground!  As shown in the photo above,  you make a choice and the percentage on the left either goes up and down.  In the end,  I (Conor) ended up pulling the girl to safety just as the deviant android fell off the building and I fell off as well.   MISSION COMPLETE!

I give this game a 9 out of 10.  I really enjoyed the gameplay and suspense that comes with it.  I loved the fact that your choices define the game.  I can’t forget the replaying of the crime.  The only con with this game is a release date (this game was announced last year at E3 as well).  Unfortunately, they have not announced when this game will be released.

Check out the gameplay demo from E3 2017 below:

Check out the new E3 2o17 trailer below: