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First Challenge revealed

Two more will be announced on Saturday and Sunday

Day 1 of KillerPigeon’s Mystery Revenge events has been revealed, with the next one set to be unveiled at 5pm UTC on Saturday June 10th.

The newly cowled community manager has crafted three separate challenges for Fractured Space players this weekend – and was not revealing what the details.

“I’ll let you know each day,” he said, growling from under his cowl.

What we have found out is that the challenges started on Friday June 9 at 5pm UTC.

The first one will run for 24 hours, and if the community hit the target, everyone who took part and contributed will win a crew Implant pod containing five random implants.

“They won’t,” he laughed ominously.

The second challenge will be revealed and run from 5pm UTC on Saturday, and the prize for helping out here will be a special Robot crew pod, containing one of the robotic crew members in the game.

The third and final 24 hour challenge, announced and running from 5pm UTC on Sunday, has a prize of two gold drop pods.

All challenges will be revealed at 5pm on each of the three days day on the Fractured Space Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FracturedSpace/ and in-game on the Hub and Event tracker pages.

“You can track how badly things are going on the event page as well,” said KP.

Prizes for each of the events will be awarded daily, directly after the event.

“Don’t worry about that,” muttered KP. “I’ve had my apprentice take a look at the numbers from the past few weeks and decreed that we needed a proper challenge. Now get back to work.”