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Dafne Keen blew fans away with her portrayal of Wolverine’s daughter, X-23 in Logan earlier this year. Well now Entertainment Tonight has released her audition tape and man, does she nail it! Our friends at Girl Geek Diva give all the details:

It is totally fascinating to watch, and completely clear why Keen was cast. She says more with her eyes and her facial expressions than the dialogue and holds her own with an adult man yelling at her. And, according to Sir Patrick Stewart, she asked director James Mangold if she could improvise her version of the scene for the audition. So she’s speaking two languages, improvising, and acting against Hugh Jackman, Wolverine himself.

Looking at the tape, Keen totally nails the audition! Professor X himself, Patrick Stewart was really impressed

Its one of the most extraordinary bits of audition tape I’ve ever seen in my life.

Now add to the mix that this was Keen’s first major motion picture audition. And she is only 11! For more, check out Girl Geek Diva and to watch Logan all day long, grab it on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 23rd!