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Fox TV’s unapologetic hit comedy The Mick airs the season finale tonight at 8:30/7:30. The show is very funny is non PC (Politically Correct) however, it does an outstanding job of maintaining it’s charm and wit. In celebration of The Mick’s season finale, we had a chance to speak with the scene stealing Carla Jimenez who plays Alba on the show. Check out our interview below!  

Robert Garcia: Hi Carla thanks for talking to us today, congratulations for The Mick being renewed for a second season on Fox TV. Can you tell us how you landed the role of Alba on the show?

Carla Jimenez: Thank you, yes we’re renewed for another season so we’re excited about that. You know, I got the role back when pilot season was rolling around and I was given the opportunity to audition. After the audition I did a sort of chemistry test with Kaitlin [Olsen] and everything just clicked from there.

Robert Garcia: We’ve seen your character Alba begin to blossom and become very bold as the series progresses, what can we expect to see from Alba during the next season.

Carla Jimenez: I think it’s awesome that she went from his meek character to someone much more brave. Alba is just kind of running with that freedom that she’s been given. We’re testing boundaries with Alba (Laughs).

Robert Garcia: What do you believe is the biggest challenge bringing Alba to life.

Carla Jimenez: I think the biggest challenge is trusting myself and mostly trusting the writers. I think that what they create is so funny and amazing and sometimes I doubt myself about my ability to be able do it. It’s just so new to me to have this much of a three dimensional character every week and be able to do this, I’m only used to that in theatre. I don’t usually get offered these type of roles. The challenge could be getting into the script and trusting myself saying “You can do it, You can do it!”

Robert Garcia: Your show The Mick is politically incorrect yet has a lot so much charm in th writing and the delivery. How do you as a cast member find the balance to skirt close to being offensive yet never crossing that line.

Carla Jimenez: I really think that’s a testament to the writing, I think they have a clear vision of how they want the show to go and it does ride that fine line. This show is not meant to shock its just meant to be funny and sometimes the physicality or the content can be a little shocking but I think we mostly want to tell a thorough story and have fun with it. I think they [Producers] wanted to bring a “cable” deal which gives you more leeway on cable to a network show and there achieving that. I think sometimes we can kind of give you a lesson even though were not intending to give you a lesson [Laughs]. We don’t want to hit you over the head with morality, we just want to have fun and if you happen to pick something up that’s great.

Robert Garcia: I know you’re mom’s profession was a nanny years ago.

Carla Jimenez: Yes! She came to this country as nanny.

Robert Garcia: Did you take any inspiration from your mother and use it to build the Alba character?

Carla Jimenez: The thing about my character Alba is the way she speaks is how my parents talk. My parents have been in this country for forty plus years and they still have that thick accent. So I thought Alba is a character that probably grew up around that but still wanted the American culture. There’s even line in one of the episodes where Alba say’s “My culture is your culture” because she identifies with the American culture. That’s the same way I grew up.

Don’t forget to catch Fox TV’s The Mick for the season finale tonight!

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