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Won’t The Real Savitar, please stand up…please stand up…please stand up!

Who and or what are we dealing with when it comes to the wicked speedster troll, politely known as Savitar? For weeks I and a very close friend of mine have been employing Velma and Fred’s uncanny powers of deduction to unmask said villain’s identity, and after last week’s episode, our conclusion is either spot on or dead wrong. But before I reveal my guess, let’s take a look at a few possible or impossible suspects.

4. Wally West
I’ve noticed this name pop up on a few conspiracy theorist threads recently and quite frankly I think it’s a load of bunk. First of all, there’s the impending death of Iris, his own sister. He has no reason to kill her in cold blood. Now I’ve considered the fact that WW may be hiding a deep-seated resentment towards Barry, because before he appeared, Joe West already had a son. And not just any son, but an adopted kid who eventually obtained super powers. Then once Wally “acquired” his own set of special skills maybe, just maybe he has gone a little rogue and decided that Central City isn’t big enough for the two of them. After all, there’s been a lot of talk going around STAR Labs about how much faster KF can go than our OG red streak! DC has already shown us how ballistic their heroes tend to become whenever one of them suffers the same fate as Bambi. Could the death of Kid Flash’s mom have been the catalyst for an anger bomb of such rage that he’d express himself by doing the unthinkable? And how could something like that be Barry’s fault? I can’t and I won’t which is why this one is at the bottom of the list.

3. Reverse Flash
Ehh been there, done that. If this is the face that emerges from Savitar’s Megatron cosplay, I will change the channel. Why? This villain successfully filled an entire season and gave us everything we could ever want in a psychotic opponent. Not to mention his kinfolk, Eddie Thawn fell on his sword, ensuring that RF wouldn’t even so much as show up as a twinkle in his own mother’s eye. Although in spite of that closure Eobard Thawn was last seen engaged in a sudden death tug of war over the Spear of Destiny with the gang over at Legends Of Tomorrow. Besides that, he is way too busy hanging out with the Legion of Doom. Where would he find the time?

2. Zoom
Another baddie with a scorching case of speedster road rage, Zoom would be savage enough to pull off such a stunt. But could he? Afterall, Barry never officially sentenced him to take a dirt nap. It was the Speed Force that unleashed those snaggle-toothed wraiths to collect Zoom, and one can only imagine what he’s been up to all this time while serving out his sentence of eternal imprisonment (Black Flash? Anyone? Anyone?). Hunter Zolomon did duplicitously spend quite a bit of time ingratiating himself on to Team Flash. Caitlin certainly took quite a shine to the fake earth 2 Flash before finding out that he was nothing more than a backstabbing sociopath with a desperate case of laryngitis. Zoom’s forward and backstory leave quite a bit to be considered. And any speedster who could possibly defy the Speed Force and live deserves to dominate. But he’s not my main guess!

1. Ronnie Raymond
Formerly known as half of Firestorm, Ronnie could justifiably (in his own mind) carry a monster headache of a grudge against Barry Allen. But in The Flash’s defense, nobody actually asked Firestorm to sacrifice itself (himself, themselves, etc) to save the day. He and Dr. Stein came up with that plan all by themselves. But let’s reason this out like a true comic book villain. Normally the motivation for evil is based on a highly unstable emotional state. This guy has been ripped out of a symbiotic relationship that used to bring purpose and meaning to his life. His old flame has tried and failed to rekindle a romance not once, but twice with two less than zero suitors. And he’s no longer the life of the party at weekend BBQs! All of this could be perceived as Barry’s fault in a twisted way. Enter the ongoing ramifications of Flashpoint, and you’ve got yourself a tremendous motivator for revenge.

The icing on the cake for my reasons to believe that Ronnie Raymond is the real Slim Shady, Savitar, really came to a head when Killer Frost reacted to seeing whomever it was stepping out of the shiny suit. Her lack of hesitation to form an alliance with the mystery figure all but sealed my assumption. We know that at some point The Flash does manage to trap Savitar in the Speed Force for good. How does this impact things between what’s left of Caitlin Snow and the rest of the team? Will knowing Savitar’s identity really be all that useful in protecting Iris? How many more cups of coffee will H.R. have consumed by the end of the episode?

The possibilities are endless. But one thing for sure. The CW’s The Flash has made this one of the best guessing games I’ve played in a long time!