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Gretchen Weiners said it best, “You can’t sit with us!!”

NBC has once again ousted yet another DC property from its prime time lineup. Powerless, the superhero sitcom set in the BTS world of Wayne Enterprises, certainly lived up to its name against the programming department which also erased the likes of Constantine during its freshman year as well.

Now in my humble opinion, I did not necessarily see the end of this series from the starting line. Firstly, a comedic premise based on the DK’s day job had great potential! It certainly borrowed heavily from the issues raised in Pixar’s The Incredibles. Who is looking out for the common man when he is inadvertently caught up in the middle of a powered people street fight? The idea had merit, but upon closer inspection, the execution is where things went south for Powerless.

I’m guessing that the network was banking on Alan Tudyk’s successful turn as K2-SO, the beloved Imperial Protocol Droid with the heart of gold in last year’s smash hit, Rogue One, as a bit of a rating leverage within the pop culture fandom community. But casting him as Bruce Wayne’s lesser known cousin, Van Wayne, did nothing to pump the brakes on the freight train speeding towards the dreaded network TV C word. And then there’s the subject of the chosen one picked to lead the cast. Vanessa Hudgens has a place in the world, just not this one. It was one of the loudest Homer Simpson “d’oh” moments ever heard! 

Now I have a tremendous amount of respect for television writers because they are some of the hardest working people in show biz. But when you watched this show, you got a sense that they did their best with the material they were given to work with. Unfortunately, some ideas are just inherently doomed from the beginning. NBC obviously suffered from a major case of FOMO, observing the way that The CW, Fox, and ABC were each wrangling their current super series’. Hey, they had a good run with the first 2 seasons of Heroes so maybe pulling the plug on Powerless is a sign that the superhero business is not their jam! It happens. Though there’s always room at the table for another helping of a Dick Wolf drama.

It doesn’t look like Powerless will be making a dramatic exit with a series ending cliffhanger as all remaining episodes for this season have, as of now, been replaced by episodes of Superstore.

Source: Variety