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Greetings Star Wars fans, we’re finally home after traveling the most dangerous star systems (Orlando) in search of the latest and greatest Star Wars news just for you. Star Wars Celebration Orlando was spectacular and Nuke The Fridge had boots on the ground as we stormed the Orange County Convention Center much like the Rebels on the beaches of Scarif!

We’re now armed with some of the most up to date Star Wars news just for you! If you’re just like us, you’ve wanted a full functioning BB-8 since the minute you’ve laid eyes on him. Spin Master Toys has just what you need, this not so little droid is definitely going to be the big hit for the Christmas season. We know you’ve seen The Last Jedi trailer that was released a little over a week ago. A new Star Wars trailer is always great to revisit. The endlessly entertaining Star Wars Show is back with a great Star Wars Celebration recap. We have some awesome Star Wars: A New Hope outtakes that I’m sure you don’t want to miss. We’ll close it out with a look at comic books released for the week.

Let’s get started all you Rebel scum!

On our very first day at Celebration while perusing the show floor aisles, I saw what will undoubtedly be the hottest toy for the holidays. Spin Master is proud to introduce the hero BB-8. Not only is this droid nearly the size of the screen used version but the functionality of this little “ball” is a amazing! Take a look at the video below from the New York Toy Fair earlier this year.

With a price tag of only $229.99 this is one droid you can’t be without!

Gray Jedi? Yoda perched on the rock while Rey is practicing her lightsaber skills? Is Luke going to die? Rumors, rumors and more rumors! We’ll present you with another look at The Last Jedi trailer.

The Star Wars Show with Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni did a superb job of bringing you some of the best interviews from Star Wars Celebration. If that wasn’t enough they managed to put a show together at the conclusion of Celebration, take a look.

Lucasfilm’s Chief Creative Officer John Knoll presented a great panel at Star Wars Celebration showing some great behind the scenes bloopers and archival footage from A New Hope. Check out the videos below.

Comic book release for the week of April 26th include Star Wars: Darth Maul issue #3 written by Cullen Bunn and pencilled by Luke Ross. Story synopsis: An evil crime syndicate is auctioning off a Jedi Palawan…that Darth Maul plans to take — and kill — for his own. Featuring: a band of bounty hunters including Cad Bane and Aurra Sing!

That’s all we have for now, we’ll be back next week!

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