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I know I am excited to see Scott Snyder returning to writing on the new installment of the Dark Knight with All-star Batman: My Own Worst Enemy! Coming to comic stores April 19th, it is set for a five issue series in which Batman is trying to help his old friend Harvey Dent with putting Two-Face to rest once and for all while on a road trip cross country.  What will happen as the scars are laid bare in an attempt to heal him? What happens when his mind is changed? I know I am excited to see the culmination of this series.

With Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr., Danny Miki, Steve Wandis, and Declan Shalvey leading this venture it can only end up as a fun thrill ride. Currently Volume 1 is available in all its thirty three page glory for free right now on DCComics.com just for signing up for their alerts and newsletters and after seeing it I have to say I am in love with the art style, it is beautiful and gritty. The shots of dynamic between the cast of characters flows very well and the count of the miles traveled made me laugh as we get to see everything unfold as Bruce and Harvey make their way through all the road stops and how the story twists and turns.  When you have Batman as the most wanted man the intensity is always turned up. The action scenes are done amazingly well and the banter is witty to boot. I won’t ruin anymore for you, this is one I would pick up to read as a continuing, beginner, or even just a get your feet wet venture into comics.  For a Batman fan, this is definitely one series that is drawing me back in and making me excited for more.