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Marvel Comics has finally hinted at a long sought after the conclusion to its acclaimed mini-series “Spider-Men”. It seems Peter Parker and Miles Morales are fated to meet in Marvel’s 616 universes.

Back in 2012, Peter Parker from the 616 universe gets to meet Miles Morales from the Ultimate Universe. And in the misunderstanding, let’s be friends and fight the villain of the week storyline, our two heroes battle Mysterio, who was the one who opened the gateway between the two universes.

Fans and critics both applauded the themes and emotions evoked by the series. We also got to see moments that never would have happened in the 616 universes, such as Peter Parker meeting a living Gwen Stacy.

In the end, both heroes returned to their corresponding universes and our Peter Parker decides to see if there is a Miles Morales in his universe. He Googles Morales and is shocked to see what he finds. But Marvel, in its fashion, did not reveal what it was that Parker saw.

For a while now, readers feared this would be a cliffhanger. But in this instance, Marvel plans to finally show its fans what shocked Parker. No word of who the creative team will be for this sequel, so it seems we are still in for a wait.

Source: CBR.com