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Well, the Spice Girl’s must certainly have a fan in Joss Whedon who’s gearing up to direct a movie about one of the most iconic of DC’s girl power heroes, Batgirl!

Variety caught up with Whedon on the red carpet during the premiere for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, where he shared his desire to bring Barbara Gordon to life through the eyes of an unknown starlet. Not necessarily opposed to using any one of a number of established A-List actors, priority one is figuring out who this big screen Batgirl really is. Sounds like he’s going to be buried under quite a bit of character development for a while before we get an actual name on that call sheet.

Although the idea of Joss Whedon lensing a movie about one of the Batman’s most famous female counterparts has winner written all over it, some viewed the decision as a Heil Hydra move on Whedon’s part when he chose to play for Team DC. But Kevin Feige was having none of that nonsense. For not only do he and the Marvel family support their friend’s creative endeavors, but they too are geeking out about the possibility of watching that Whedon magic spill over into something pertaining to a hero from Gotham City!

So you see kids, the sandbox really is big enough for everybody to play in, after all!