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There may have been thunderous applause when she made her appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but Gal Gadot, famous for her roles in the Fast And Furious movies and now starring as the titular character in the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman, had no idea that she was auditioning for the Amazonian warrior.

In a fun interview with W. magazine, Gadot discusses Wonder Woman and the audition, saying “When I auditioned for Batman V Superman, I didn’t know it was for Wonder Woman. The director, Zack Snyder, asked me to do a camera test. That was torture. They were looking at six or seven girls, and we were all in separate trailers and were told to stay inside until they called us. Waiting is my enemy number one.

She continues, saying “So, I decided to put on Beyoncé. ‘Who runs the world? Girls!’ I just started to dance, and I let my anxiety go. Thank you, Beyoncé!

On getting the role, Gadot commented “Growing up I knew of Wonder Woman, but I didn’t know much about her. I wasn’t a big comic book fan. A day after I was told that I got the part, they let me wear the Wonder Woman suit for the first time. I almost died because it was really, really tight, really tight, like really, really tight, but I didn’t say anything because I was so happy. Then I lost air and then they figured out it was too tight.”

She even addressed the online controversy around her figure upon casting, commenting how “Mhm. That’s a big problem. They really paid attention to the important part.”

Gal Gadot will return as Wonder Woman in her upcoming solo movie releasing on June 2, 2017

SOURCE: W Magazine