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Katy Perry’s got nothing on the teenage dreams of Bruce Wayne who’s about to get his first lesson in all things League Of Shadows, under the tutelage of DC’s resident Palpatine figure, Ras al Ghul!

When the series began, Gotham chose to deliver the bad news first by initially introducing audiences to the never ending rabbit hole of villains who continuously haunt it’s fair city streets. I mean really! The criminals are practically begging for an excuse to see the spotlight of that infamous Bat Signal shining high up in the sky! With most of the bad guy backstory foundations in play, it looks like Fox is just about ready to let the Bat out of his cave and stretch his wings.

The trailer for Gotham: Heroes Rise, briefly peruses through a gallery of wicked power players just before introducing us to Bruce Wayne 2.0. This is the Bruce Wayne who refuses to sit idly by and watch his city take one more sucker punch from another psychotic meanie, hell bent on reducing Gotham to a smoldering pile of ash. Who better to teach him the ways of becoming an elite warrior with the fighting skills of an invisible ninja than a nurturing narcissistic warlord. Awww!

Check out the trailer!

Gotham season 3 returns to deliver the goods on Monday, April 24th at its usual time slot on Fox. As always, check your local listings for showtimes.