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We all want to be remembered, whether it is for a particular trait, for an accomplishment. We have lost many great people, influencers, movers, and shakers, in the last few months. One recently hit a bit closer to home. DC Comics did a very touching remembrance in their titles this month for the late Bernie Wrightson who passed last month, just 2 months after retirement.

Bernie was a jack of all trades, doing pencils and inks for many popular works like Swamp Thing and Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein. In 1968 he drew his first professional comic book story, “The Man Who Murdered Himself.”, which appeared in House of Mystery No. 179.

His career spanned over many different mediums and companies like DC and Marvel comics. It was while working at Marvel that he changed his style of drawing and inking slightly to become what would be known as a signature. It was the first time lush brushwork would be evident in his work.

His reach was awe inspiring from both professional and personally. He did concept art on Ghostbusters ghosts, an album cover for Meatloaf, as well as one of my favorites, the production design on the Reavers for Joss Whedon’s Serenity in 2005.

“All I ever wanted to do was draw.” 

I would say you accomplished far more than that. Thank

Thank you, Mr. Wrightson.