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What was one of the hard and fast rules for owning a Gremlin? Don’t add water because it causes them to multiply? While I don’t consider any of the cast members of the CW’s Arrow to actually resemble anything close to a creepy green monster with the midnight munchies, they are multiplying!

Rick Gonzalez, who plays the Vorhees-esque vigilante “Wild Dog,” and Juliana Harkavy who portrays the supersonic soprano “Black Canary” have passed the initiation phase of their tenure and graduated to become full-fledged members of the new and improved Team Arrow. Fans who still haven’t made peace with the grim ripper for robbing us of Katie Cassidy’s legal eagle Laurel Lance will be quite pleased to hear that she will be re-joining the cast as a regular. Only this time, she assumes the identity of her Earth 2
doppelgänger, the villainous Black Siren. Queen, the party of 10!!!