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Fans of the popular 2011 breakout Spider-man successor, Miles Morales, should be excited for Sony’s new animated Spider-Man project that spotlights the young half black, Half-Latino hero. And fans of Netflix’s hit series, The Get Down, should be overjoyed that Shameik Moore will voice the character!

Miles was first introduced in 2011 in the Ultimates alternate universe. He received his powers in a similar fashion as Peter Parker—via radioactive spider bite—but unlike Peter, he was initially horrified by his powers and was scared to engage in the crime-fighting lifestyle. After Peter’s death at the hand of Green Goblin, Miles feels responsible for taking up the mantle, and thus the youngster steps into his own heroic shoes.

Although the 2015 Marvel comics events ended the Ultimates timeline, Miles’ popularity amongst readers and fans allowed for him to cross over into the mainstream storyline. He currently helps Peter Parker patrol New York City as Spider-Man while his predecessor and mentor acts globally under the same name.

Plot details have not yet been revealed about the Sony animated feature, but it’s safe to say that we’ll get the same focus of a teenager struggling with his heroic duties that, honestly, we know and love. With Moore’s praise-worthy work in The Get Down, it’s safe to say that he’s familiar with portraying the minority struggles on the streets of New York.

Voicing Miles’ villain is Liev Schreiber, (the Scream trilogy, X-men Origins: Wolverine), but hints as to which villain he will be playing are being kept under wraps.

The animated feature is slated to release in 2018.

By: Kayla Mallari