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20th Century Fox recently announced that Robert Rodriguez will be directing the new Escape from New York remake, which is being penned by Neil Cross. Now more news is being reported by Splash Report about the plot. 

Although they say this is still a rumor, here is part of what they posted about the film’s plot:

“In the not so distant future, the world is in serious trouble. Climate change has pushed migrants all across the world. Rioting and wars are rocking the world. Except for most of the United-States, while a glass perimeter protects Manhattan. Drones surveilled everything, and there are checkpoints everywhere before coming into the city. It is the most secured island in the world. An AI named April controls the safety of the city.

Sounds like a lot of fun! We love the fact they are remaking the John Carpenter original. Also in the pipe is a remake of Carpenter’s Big Trouble in little China starring the Rock and being written by Thor and X-Men: First Class scribes Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller.

All we now, is a remake of They Live!