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Ever wonder how The Riddler got his name but you were too afraid to ask because he might kill you? Well, our friends over at Fox have done all the heavy lifting for us, as the next episode of Gotham will reveal the answer to this question and more when the show returns from its hiatus, in a few weeks.

“How The Riddler Got His Name” will explore the musings of Edward E. Nygma and his new found voice that will empower him to one day become one of the DK’s most formidable adversaries. Viewers will watch him take Bullock and Lucious Fox on a mind-bending test drive of his psycho skills, and prove to the Penguin that he works better alone. Gordon will be confronted with disturbing news regarding the death of his father, and The Court Of Owls will once again ruffle feathers in their bid to save the city! They really should rename this episode “The Dark Onion” because of all the story layers!

Gotham will return on Monday, April 24th, airing at the usual 8 pm on Fox.

Source: Superhero Hype