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As if Deathstroke, hadn’t haunted your nightmares enough after skewering Moira Queen in front of Ollie and Thea, he’s been called back from exile! Only this time it’s not to toy with the Green Arrow’s already fragile emotions.

Originally it was thought that the marikuru menace was set to return to Star City. At least that’s what an interview with the show’s EP, Wendy Mericle would have us believe. In a fairly cryptic tease with Entertainment Weekly, she describes an unlikely ally joining forces with the Arrow in his desperate attempt to put an end to Prometheus, during the season finale. So stir that with Stephen Amell taking to Twitter to announce the return of one of the green hooded hero’s most formidable enemies and why wouldn’t we all jump to conclusions?! But actor Manu Bennett was quick to tweet a correction to that assumption and stated that he was in fact not going back to Arrow. Well, you know what they say about people who assume? It would appear, though that the CW think tank has other plans for Slade Wilson on yet another DC-related television property, as yet unknown. So for now, Prometheus can sleep soundly knowing that he can have the autonomous pleasure of tormenting Team Arrows commander in chief!

Source: SuperHeroHype