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Box Office Predictions for Wonder Woman are in…

Although BoxOfficePro projects an opening on par with Logan or Doctor Strange of $83 million, that might not be good enough by Hollywood Standards. ScreenRant points out “that is far from a bad opening, but after Man of Steel ($116.6 M), Suicide Squad ($133.6 M), and Batman v Superman ($166 M) opened significantly higher, this drop off is not what is needed to help launch a potential franchise. These numbers could just be due to stronger competition that is had in the summer season, or it could be a result of general audiences becoming less interested in the DCEU after its previous efforts.”

DC is ramping up marketing efforts on Wonder Woman, and early word from those who have seen advance screenings is that the movie is good and Gal Gadot does a good job. Hopefully, these two things can combine to help Wonder Woman blow those projections out of the water.

A lot is riding on this. Not just the future of DCEU movie installments, but women fronted and directed movies. In essence, Wonder Woman has to be better, faster, stronger (oops sorry I got carried away) than her contemporaries to bridge the gap that subpar male fronted material laid out in front of her.

I, for one, am rooting for the Amazing Amazon!!!

Source: ScreenRant