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That’s right, the latest issue of Captain America, #15, makes Cap a killer. But it couldn’t happen to a better adversary. The Red Skull has recently put Cap through hell after he used the cosmic cube to alter Steve Rogers memories.

Skull has recently lost the mental powers he gained from Xavier and his control over Cap has weakened. In a confrontation, Cap regains enough measure of control to accuse the Red Skull of taking away the most important thing to him, his purpose. A fight ensues and Cap throws Skull out a window, saying “I’m loyal to nothing except the dream.”

With Red Skull bleeding out, dead several floors below, Captain America calls for a meeting of Hydra. He then ASSUMES CONTROL OF HYDRA. What do you think this could mean for the Marvel universe? Surely not good. . .
Captain America: Steve Rogers #15 is written by Nick Spencer with art by Javier Pina. Its available on newsstands now.

Source Comicbook.com