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The kick off of convention season has officially commenced with the arrival of WonderCon 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Nuke The Fridge was invited to the one of the coolest panels at WonderCon aptly titled “Behind the Creative Process of Logan”. Shortly before the general panel, we had the opportunity to speak with HALON pre visual & post visual effects supervisor Clint G. Reagan and Art Directors Guild Award nominated Production Designer, Francois Audouy about their work on Logan.

Robert Garcia: How did you get involved in Logan?

Clint G. Regan: It came about because a long while ago, I started working with Jim Mangold [Director- Logan] on Night and Day. He [Mangold] hadn’t done pre-visualization before so I introduced him to pre-vis and we got along well enough that he brought me back for The Wolverine movie, the one in Japan. Sometime later he called me up and said “Hey are you on a job?” I said “No” and he said well you re now so that’s how I got on board.

Robert Garcia: What was it like working with James Mangold to achieve his vision for Logan?

Clint G. Regan: Jim in particular is very collaborative and he’s got the leads of all the departments, he’s got the production designer Francois, the lead of the stunts department, the story boarders, he’s got me in previous  there’s departments I’m sure I’m not naming, visual effects… But he basically pitches what he’s thinking and he’s often writing the script and reworking the script while we are all on duty and starting to develop the areas he’s more comfortable with and its largely a process of him pitching his thoughts and ideas and just saying hey guys here’s where the movie is right now. He would say, I know this part is wrong but this part is what I’m liking so keep exploring it. So then I’ll take a piece, story boards will take piece, stunts will take a piece and everyone takes a crack at their interpretation of what he’s asking for. Then we’ll come back together meet up and discuss it, he’ll react and say that’s not quite it, this is not quite it, this is getting closer, keep going this way, and we’ll keep going through that cycle with him until he feels yes, this is my movie and then we proceed with the next steps of technically planning it.

“Having come from many different movies, we’re trying to find what he (Mangold) wants and we had some scenes where the characters are on top of a car and their doing a battle on top of the car and he reviewed that with us and said “No, it’s cool but if you and I could not go out right now and do that without assistance then that’s not in our movie. We didn’t want to fall into the trap of just making eye candy”

Next we spoke with Logan production designer Francois Audouy. Audouy explained his role was to work closely with locations scouts to finalize the overall look of the film.

Francois Audoy: “We wanted to create a look that felt real that was grounded that was recognizable and relatable that didn’t take you out of the movie experience. All of the locations in the movie are places that the audience could feel that they may have visited before or they could see themselves in. We don’t have any shiny high tech labs or flying aircraft carriers or anything like that, they’re all sort of grounded and relatable places that heightens the believability.”

Here are some great previs and postvis images from Logan courtesy of HALON Entertainment.

Logan is still in theaters and is definitely not a movie to be missed.