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Last week we wrote about how Suicide Squad is the most profitable movie in the DCEU with a profit of $158.95 million dollar! While that is a lot of cash, it doesn’t even hold a candle to what the Merc with a Mouth made for Fox. Deadpool comes in at number two overall in 2016 with a net profit of $322 million dollars! Let’s break down those numbers!

Deadpool brought in $363 million here in the states and $420 million from around the world for a total of $783 million dollars. Those numbers are already amazing considering the movie was denied release in China, who loves the genre. Now, the movie only cost $58 million to make. Add in advertising and other costs and you get a grand total spent on Deadpool at $324 million. Do the calculations and Deadpool made a profit of $322 million dollars! That’s a lot of chimichangas!

That puts Deadpool number two in 2016 behind the kid friendly “The Secret Life of Pets”, which made a profit of $374 million, and number three most profitable superhero movie of all time! Only Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron beats it! It’s the most profitable X-Men movie ever made AND one of the most profitable movies Fox has ever made! Just don’t tell Wade Wilson he is number two because he will go out and find number one and…well, we know what Wade would do!