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With the release of Iron Fist last month, all the pieces are in place for The Defenders, which is currently in post-production, having wrapped filming just a few weeks ago! Today, Netflix teased a release date for the new show via a short video.

The video appears to be a Midland Circle financial elevator security camera. We see the team just getting into the elevator looking exhausted from something (A fight, I presume). Well, except for Jessica Jones, who looks pretty fresh. Also, she looks annoyed as she notices the camera and punches it out of commission! The time stamp at the point she punches the camera? 08:18:10:17!

Still not convinced? Well, plug in the numbers in the top left corner of the video into your browser like so:

It takes you to the homepage for the New York Bulletin, where Karen Page works! Go past the stories posted and the button to sign up for updates to the very bottom of the page. It’s faint, very faint but there it is! “Watch “Marvel’s The Defenders” All Episodes Streaming Only on Netflix August 18” It’s all right there in black and white, well light grey and white.

I’ve just signed up for updates from the Bulletin because I want all the details Netflix will be tossing out before the be premiere in August! Sweet Christmas, this is great news!