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In Captain America: Civil War, we got a taste of Spider-Man’s new suit, provided to him by Tony Stark. In the post credit scene, we saw Peter Parker project what looked like a high-tech Spider-Signal on the ceiling of his room. Is this just a taste of what the fans will get when the new Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 6th

The latest trailer for the movie, we see Peter lose his high-tech suit, but when he does have it, there are a lot of things he needs to learn about it and Tony Stark has it set on a sort of “Training Wheels” protocol. Well, what happens when the training wheels come off? Apparently, the suit has it’s very own Jarvis-like assistant. ScreenRant got to talk with Spider-Man: Homecoming co-producer Eric Carroll and asked him if Peter Parker now has his very own Jarvis:

He does. He does. Which surprises him, because he doesn’t until Tony deactivates that… deactivates the [Training Wheels] protocol. So the suit starts doing a bunch of stuff. You know, it does a holographic interface and things like that. But probably most notably, it starts talking to him, and he goes, ‘Oh, this is weird.’ And he starts asking it stuff, but he’s not super slick or Tony Stark smart, who invented the OS and did all this. He’s a kid. So he’s like, ‘Um, how do I get to where that thing is?’ And it’s like, ‘Um, I don’t know. Pretty much drive? How are you going to get there?’ And he’s like, ‘Um, if I didn’t have a car, let’s just say, how would I get there?’ And it’s like, ‘Well if you walk…’ And he’s like, ‘No, OK, alright… I guess just give me directions and I’ll figure out the HOW I’m getting there.’

So who will be the voice of Spider-Jarvis? Carroll didn’t want to reveal who was cast just yet:

We don’t know yet. Uncast, no. Well, sort of. But not official.

So look for a new voice in the MCU and probably someone of note for the producers to be keeping it so hush hush. As for what else the new Spidey suit can do? How about hologram interface which allows its user to control the types of projects the web-shooters can launch; special vision modes, built-in suit lights/glow, a recon drone that launches from the Spider-Man symbol on the chest piece, and more! I’m sure Marvel will drop a new trailer in the coming moths leading up to July which may shed a little more light on Peter’s new high-tech tights!

Source: ScreenRant