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March 1st marked the launch of Marvel’s first lesbian Latina superhero, America Chavez. The character, “Miss America”, was originally created in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta, and previously appeared in Marvel’s Young Avengers and Ultimates Series.

The new solo series will be written by Latina young adult author Gabby Rivera, who is of the same sexual orientation. This marks the first time a lesbian character will be written by someone of the same orientation. Gabby is previously best known for her young adult novel, Juliet Takes a Breath.

Miss America has super strength, superhuman speed and the ability to leap from dimension to dimension. The first issue sees America punching Adolf Hitler in the face, saving another planet, and enrolling in college. She is illustrated by Joe Quinones, who also did Howard the Duck. Her star spangled attire reminds me of Wonder Woman or Captain America.

The next two issues are already available for pre-order.

Source: The Daily Mail.