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Back in February, Marvel Comics taunted us with a single tweet. “GENERATIONS- coming Summer 2017. The Alex Ross art piece that accompanied that simple statement featured 11 pairs of our favorite Marvel heroes, then and now.

Including Wolverine with X-23 and Bruce Banner with Amadeus Cho. Two heroes who died and those who continued their legacy. And as we all know, death is never really permanent in the Marvel Universe.

“Generations” seems to be a unifying storyline for an exceedingly complicated and fractured universe, with the fates of the old guard and their youngblood counterparts hanging in the balance.

In an interview with ABC News, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso says, “We are looking to honor the legacy of the entire universe, so we are taking the iconic legacy heroes and pairing them with the new class,” Alonso said. “It very much indicates where we are going in the future with all of these characters and what we’ve been planning for some time for the universe.”

How may you ask? “How did we do this is part of the fun,” he said. “Right now, Rogers isn’t much of a good guy. Why would Sam want to team up with him? Banner’s dead! Logan’s dead! These are questions that demand to be seen. What I will tell you is we have an ingenious device [to bring them back].”

With the fates of some of our favorite characters up in the air, how will Marvel handle their lives and deaths? How will these heroes returning from the dead affect their living replacements? Can two heroes share the same moniker?

“Generations” will launch in July and run through September.

Source: ABC News