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Sony is planning female-centered Silver Sable/Black Cat project after Spiderman: Homecoming!

Sony is further expanding the Marvel Universe by hiring Thor 2 writer Christopher Yost to pen a superhero movie featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable. At this time, it is not known if they will team up or battle each other.

Disney doesn’t have the license to all the characters in the Marvel universe. Sony has the claim to 900 or so characters and with the success of all the other comic book movies, Sony wants to cash in. Granted most of Sony’s characters like Silver Sable and Black Cat fall within Spiderman’s domain. Keep in mind that Sony has to make a Spiderman movie every three years or the rights revert back to Marvel. That’s why we saw Andrew Garfield and now Tom Holland. The Venom project has recently gained ground is expected to debut in 2018. Silver Sable is a mercenary who hunts war criminals. And if you don’t already know, Black Cat’s acrobatic thief is a one-time love interest of Spidey in the comic and was briefly played by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The former head of Sony, Amy Pascal, is set to produce the Silver Sable/Black Cat project with Matt Tolmach. The project is expected to beat the DC Comic Universe’s Gotham City Sirens project to the big screen. They hired Yost because he worked on the 2 previous Thor sequels and numerous comic related TV projects.

Stay tuned for more details. . .

Source: The Tracking Board