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Rank up your crew

Double XP is now live 

Besides getting double XP for all games played, you can also enjoy double basic credits for co-op and PvP games this weekend.

Use a credit booster at the end of the game and you’ll get triple the normal basic earnings – if you have a ship in mind, this is the time to rack up those credits.

We will keep this double earning rate live until 10am UTC on Monday.

Time to rack up those earnings Captains.

Armor values detailed

Each ship has its strengths and weaknesses 

You learn pretty quickly that not all ships are equal when it comes to armor values, and some ships are better in some areas than others – but the underside of that Colossus could be weaker than you think.

You can check out the armor numbers for all ships here.

Protect your weaker areas and take advantage of your opponents’ in your next battle.