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As I write this article we are just 48 days away from the second coming of James Gunn’s Guardians of The Galaxy with the aptly titled Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Gunn created some early buzz for the third entry in the franchise in an interview with Complex earlier this week when he said, “There will be a Guardians 3, that’s for sure,” Gunn went on to say “We’re trying to figure it out. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do really, that’s all it is. I got to figure out where I want to be, what I want to spend the next three years of my life doing. You know, I’m going to make another big movie; is it the Guardians or something else? I’m just going to figure it out over the next couple of weeks.”

In addition the Guardians director continued to peak fans interest when he shifted gears and spoke of Kurt Russell’s character Ego the Living Planet, “Ego is a living planet who is able to manifest himself in different ways he’s been alone for millions of years and he’s learned how to control the molecules around him in such a way as to create avatars of themselves, such as Kurt Russell. I think Ego was a very lonely character out there by himself and went off in search of love and perhaps found it in Quill’s mother.”

While that tell us a little about his character in the upcoming sequel I personally believe that’s also a deeper look into the MCU’s future – you don’t bring in a powerful character like Ego with the star power of Kurt Russell behind it for just one film, I think he will be a big player in the Infinity War – at least this fan hopes so.

Be sure to catch James Gunn and his Guardians of The Galaxy (Vol. 2) in theaters May 5th 2017!”


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