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Once again, Steam has discounted a number of games for yet another weekend sale.

This weekend is on the quieter side compared to most, but there’s some good value to be had if you’re in the market for something new to play.

Obviously, the most notable game on sale this weekend is No Man’s Sky, and this price point seems to be about as low as the PC version is willing to go.

Depending on your feelings towards it, $35 is about as good as you’re going to do if you can’t play the game on PS4.

The Left 4 Dead series also hits the bargain bin this weekend, with both games coming in at a combined $10, providing oodles of value on the dollar.

Developer THQ has cut the price of its The New THQ Classics Bundle down from $90 to $18, and there’s a number of solid games in there as well.

If you’re a history war game fan, developer Slitherne has cut the price on its entire catalog, which you can check out here.

Below is a breakdown of this weekend’s highlights, plus  if you want to check out a full listing of the sales, you can head over here.

Left 4 Dead 75% $4.99
Left 4 Dead 2 75% $4.99
No Man’s Sky 40% $35.99
Invisible Inc. 70% $5.99
Invisible Inc. Contingency Plan 70% $1.99
Sid Meier’s Pirates 75% $2.49
The New THQ Classics Bundle 80% $17.99
Dead by Daylight 40% $11.99