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Phase 3 Incoming

Major game update next week 

Phase 3 of Fractured Space introduces some dramatic changes to the game that will increase the tempo of battle giving you less down time and more action as you strive for victory.

Chief among the changes is an upgrade of both Conquest and Frontline modes to enable players to attack and defend faster, spending less time getting into position and more time making those positions count.

We detailed the full list of areas of the game that are under development in our recent “On Deck” update. If you’d like to see a little more of what’s planned please visit the Fractured Space website.

Vote for Implants

Choose the initial rotation 

Phase 3 is giving players the ability to buy Implants directly with DNA rather than via Implant Pods.

Every week there will be 3 Implants available to buy in this fashion at a cost of 1,200 DNA each.

You can buy up to 5 of each Implant (if you wish) and as new Implants become available they’ll also be added into this rotation.

In order to help players get their crew into the shape they want as quickly as possible we’re giving you the chance to vote on which Implants are released first.

Vote in this quick poll to have your say on which Implants are released in the early stages of the new system. Be quick! The poll closes at 10am UTC on Monday 20th February.

February Frontline Open

Tournament this weekend – still time to sign up

The Frontline Open is the latest official tournament organized by Edge Case Games.

We’ll be pitting some of the top teams against each other and the clock as they seek to dominate the frantic action of Frontline in a series of Best of Three matches culminating in a Best of Five final.

Who will stand victorious and be crowned the first official Frontline Champions?

If your team would like to sign up for the tournament you have until 14:00 UTC on Saturday 18th February.

Live coverage of the games will begin at 15:00 UTC on Twitch.tv/FracturedSpace so why not come along and support yodur favourite players.




Last Chance

Legendary Captain Jingles available until Monday

Add Captain Jingles to your crew by playing a game before February 21st. After that he’ll be disappearing back into the void.

Don’t miss out! Complete a game this weekend and you’ll be running a legendary captain as soon as you reach rank 6.