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It’s a brand new year fellow geeks and with the new year we get a fresh batch of comic, horror, sci-fi and anime conventions to attend. “Comic-cons” are a way for fans to interact with the writers, artists and actors they admire. One can fondly recall my first time attending the Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Book show in the early 90’s when it was held in the main hall of the Los Angeles Shrine auditorium. In 1994 I jumped in my orange 1971 VW Bug and traveled south bound on the I5 to San Diego Comic Con. These were the days when you could literally walk right up and buy a pass for the day with minimal lines.

As we know times have certainly changed, whether you’re a cosplayer, comic book enthusiast, horror fan or all around multi- media guru, here’s a breakdown of some of the more popular fan conventions you can and should attend. For more information on all the events we cover, simply click on the image.

Wondercon Anaheim March 31st- April 2nd
Wondercon is the sister con to San Diego Comic Con International. The show was temporarily held at the Los Angeles Convention center for 2016 but will make it’s return to the Anaheim Convention Center for 2017. Wondercon is much more of a throwback to what San Diego Comic Con used to be. Comic Book writers, artists and pencilers are the main focus here. There has been a growth in multi- media presence but hopefully Wondercon continues to cater to the die hard comic book enthusiast.

Monsterpalooza Pasadena April 7th- 9th
If horror is your thing, Monsterpalooza is here to please. Monsterpalooza boasts a monster museum, make-up demos and celebrity guests all to feed that monstrous hunger for things that go bump in the night. The horror panels are excellent and feature some the best in the horror industry. The show floor has over 250 exhibitors selling some of the coolest monster swag around. Of course there are some great celebrities in attendance from some of the greatest horror films ever made. If you’re a horror fan, this is one “con” you must attend.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando April 13th- 16th
Star Wars Celebration has grown to be one of the biggest fan events in the world. The convention has traveled globally to various countries and U.S. cities much to the appreciation of fans worldwide. With Disney and Lucasfilm fully dedicated to bringing new Star Wars movies to fans, Star Wars Celebration has definitely become thee place to see the latest Star Wars trailers and breaking news. Yes, the force is strong with this one…

Silicon Valley Con April 21st- 23rd
What do you get when you combine pop culture and technology? You get one of the coolest new conventions on the scene. When a con can boast a guest list ranging from astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund, you know it’s going to be a great time. Silicone Valley con is officially endorsed by Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak. With some great names on board we’re definitely looking forward to this event.

Mad Monster Scottsdale Az MAY 19th- 21
Mad Monster is a horror sci-fi fantasy themed convention with some great celebrity attendees. It is a bit intimate but it still has some of the most sought after horror and sci-fi celebrities around. This event feels much more like a party and has a great vibe. Staying at the host hotel for the event puts you right in the middle of all the madness. Seek out this convention, we know you’ll have a great time.

E3 Expo Los Angeles June 13th- 15th
Unfortunately E3 Expo is not open to the public but we thought we’d give it a mention because of it’s level of popularity. With its focus fixed on video games, E3 is where product launches happen, ground-breaking technologies are debuted, and news is made. Those of us from Nuke The Fridge will be sure to bring you all the latest information from this event.

Anime Expo Los Angeles July 1st- 4th
Anime Expo is wildly popular among teenagers, young adults and most notably cosplayers. This event focuses on Anime/ Manga, music, gaming and of course cosplay. You’ll be able to see just about every interpretation of Sailor Moon at this event. You can expect very large crowds at the expo so be prepared.

D23 Expo Anaheim July 14th- 16th
Theme parks, movies, books, collectibles, video games, Disney has it all. They have so much in fact that they have an extremely popular three day event that fans flock to get exclusive news on “The Wonderful World of Disney”. Disney’s D23 covers theme parks, movies, and all forms of media. The panels are presented by various Disney execs and celebrities and of course are always filled with exciting information. The show floor is a collectors dream and will definitely put a dent in your wallet. This is one convention we are absolutely looking forward to.

San Diego Comic Con San Diego July 19th- 23rd
Yes, the big one on the block, San Diego Comic Con follows D23 the very next weekend. There have been rumors the last few years of major movie studios passing on SDCC due to piracy and leaked video images. Regardless of the rumors, this is still the biggest celebration of multi-media in the United States. We know it’s hard to snag those 4 day passes, heck even a single day pass can be a challenge. The good news is there is so much SDCC stuff to do outside the con, a badge my not be required. If you can’t secure one of those coveted badges, come out to San Diego for the weekend anyway, you won’t be disappointed.

Midsummer Scream Long Beach July 29th- 30th
For those who’s favorite holiday may not necessarily “fall” on December 25th, here’s a treat.  The organizers at Midsummer Scream most likely share your opinion. The Midsummer Scream crew gave us a fantastic con in 2016 with superb panels from all the local major theme parks announcing their Halloween festivities. The showroom was packed with Halloween vendors selling some great props and supplies for the “Home Haunter”. Look for 2017 to be a great event from the good people at Midsummer Scream.

Scare L.A. Pasadena August 5th- 6th
Another Halloween themed event the weekend after Midsummer Scream? We say great! You can never get too much Halloween goodness in Southern California. Our biggest issue was the delay trying to get into the event. Over all Scare L.A. is a great Halloween event with great panels from local theme parks and “Haunt” industry folks.

Dragon Con Atlanta Ga Sept 1st- 4th
I’ve heard long unconfirmed tales of debauchery, mischief and good hearted mayhem at Dragon Con. This con is one of the biggest in the world and boasts a very popular street parade of great cosplayers right in the heart of the city. A huge show floor and various panels round out one of the most popular cons in the Unites States. Put Dragon Con on your bucket list as a must attend event.

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con Los Angeles October 27th-29th
I was in attendance for all three days at Stan Lee’s Comic Con las year and my biggest question, why the name change from “Comikaze” to L.A. Comic Con? Regardless of the name change, the show was great and had some great fan panels. If the big movie studios get behind this con it could elevate it to a whole different level. Purchasing badges was easy although parking was a little pricey (It’s L.A.). The highlight was the kids costume contest on the Hot Topic main stage. This con is quickly becoming a Los Angeles staple.

Nuke The Fridge Con City of Industry November
Our very own convention we put on as a thank you to all the readers and subscribers who support our site and attend our events. We have a great line up of celebrities for autographs and feature a cool showroom floor for collectibles, comics and those hard to find toys. Cosplayers turned out in force for last years event. We look forward to bringing you another Nuke The fridge Con in 2017.

That’s our convention breakdown for 2017, we know there are countless other local collectible and specialty cons you may look forward to. Give us your thoughts and tell us which one you will be attending.

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