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If you are a hardcore Star Wars fan you may know about “The Journal of the Whills.”

According to Starwars.wikia.com “The Journal of the Whills.” (1973) was a handwritten two-page partial outline for the story that would, after many further rewrites and explorations of ideas, become Star Wars (1977). Since then it’s made it’s way into the Star Wars mythos through animated series, and books.

In Rogue One A Star Wars Story, the keepers of “The Journal of the Whills” are seen and mentioned on the planet Jedha (A former Jedi Mecca). That would be the first time in any Star Wars film the “Whills” are mentioned.

I had a chance to asked director Gareth Edwards about that during our visit to Skywalker Ranch a few weeks ago.

Here’s what he said.

Louis Love: Amazing footage. I’m Louis with Nuke The Fridge. I just wanted to ask you one question, and I won’t release it until after the movie is released, because I think there’s a major spoiler, and awesome for fans. The ‘The Journal Of The Whills’ is mentioned in the film. Who’s idea was that, because that’s like something only hardcore Star Wars fans would know about.

Gareth Edwards: That was a Chris White’s contribution, but I have one of the original screenplays at home, and it’s “Journal of the Whills,” was the title, and so as soon as I read it, I was like, “Yes, We’ve got to do that!”

You can listen to the question below.