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Storks_(film)_poster_2Warner Bros. Studios recently hosted an advanced family screening for their upcoming animated film, Storks which is set to release September 23, 2016. The film opens by giving us a brief history of storks and their ability to create and safely deliver babies from the letters of loving parents around the world. After a mishap with a stork named Jasper (Danny Trejo) failing to safely deliver a baby, the storks are ultimately re-assigned to make deliveries for a large internet retail giant “Corner store” dot com.

The story focuses on Junior (Andy Samberg) a hot shot delivery stork who learns he will soon be promoted by his boss Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) who will be leaving for a position in the company’s corporate branch (Branch, bird… Get it?). Before Junior can claim his new position he must first fire a human named Tulip (Katie Crown), a clumsy and awkward teenager who is the only human who works at corner store and who we later learn was the failed delivery by the storks some 18 years earlier. Not having the heart to fire Tulip, Junior reassigns her to the now defunct and abandoned warehouse where the babies were once manufactured.

During this time we’re introduced to a human family named the Gardner’s (Ty Burrell/ Jennifer Aniston) who are solely focused on their careers while failing to make time for their only child Nate (Anton Starkman). Nate longs for a younger brother and discovers that writing a letter to the storks could possibly fulfill his wish to add a little brother to the family and ultimately bring his family closer together.

The film is fun and seamlessly wove the various plot points together while taking us on a wild ride encountering a viscous but lovable wolf pack voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. We also encounter a group of treacherous penguins which one found to be a very funny contrast to the usual depiction of these flightless little aquatic birds. It was also gleefully noted that the film kept the full attention of my seven year old who frequently becomes distracted while sitting in movie theaters.

Overall the movie was visually satisfying and the music and score evenly complimented each scene. Ultimately the heart and soul of the film delivers a very poignant and excellent message that the very core of a family unit is based on love and the beauty of embracing the differences in various family structures.

An added bonus at the conclusion of the film was a celebration for families with complimentary lunch, goodies face painting and activities for kids on the Warner Bros. studio lot. Nuke The Fridge would like to thank Warner Bros. Studio and Warner Animation Group for an excellent day.13920680_180503499027948_1217690072125684383_n

Catch Storks when it soars into theaters September 23, 2016.

Starring: Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Anton Starkman, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Stephen Kramer Glickman, and Danny Trejo.

Director: Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetlan

Written By: Nicholas Stoller