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Two new multiplayer modes and a slew of Hell-themed content for the SnapMap level creation tool will be released tomorrow in an update for the new Doom announced by bethesda Softworks and id Software .

Doom’s “Free Update 2” will introduce Exodus, a one-flag capture the flag mode, and Sector, a point-capture mode, to the first-person shooter’s multiplayer component.

Both Exodus and Sector will be playable on the game’s existing maps and all future maps, Bethesda says.

SnapMap is getting a bunch of promised new features, including the single-player campaign’s weapon wheel and 30 Hell-themed modules. SnapMap is also getting a new playable demon, the Mancubus.

Doom players have a good excuse to try out the game’s new multiplayer features this weekend; Bethesda and id are holding a double XP weekend starting July 29.

Next week, there will be even more Doom. The game’s first premium multiplayer downloadable content, Unto the Evil, arrives Aug. 5.

The add-on introduces three new multiplayer maps; a new player-controlled demon, the Harvester; a new weapon, the UAC EMG Pistol; new player cosmetics; and a new piece of equipment, the Kinetic Mine.

Doom: Unto the Evil costs $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99.

For a look at what’s coming to Doom on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, check out the trailer below.