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COMMUNITY - SEASON 06_DVDSTD-23D Pack Shot_OutersleeveWhether it may or may not be the final season of Community, this two disc set will hold you off for awhile until we get any word on if we will see another season or possibly a Community movie.

In the latest season of Community aka the Yahoo! season, most of the class is back to have at least one more go at Greendale Community College. This means more paintball wars, more absurd shenanigans and more 80’s/90’s movie references.

Fans of the series made their voices heard and Yahoo! made the calls. Yahoo! picking up Community was a great idea and how could you really go wrong when so many fans requested more Community? Though some beloved Greendale Community College alumni didn’t attend this semester, the show still holds up and makes me want to go and watch the complete series. I didn’t keep up with the whole series but I caught episodes here and there and with this latest season, it just made me realize that I was probably missing out.

It’s really tough to make each character of a comedy series actually funny, but this show really does it. It also helps that the show has such a comedically gifted cast. Adam McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash, Yvette Nicole Brown and even Paget Brewster show up in this season, some more than others. A newcomer to the group is veteran actor, Keith David, who provides just as much comedy as the rest of the cast.

The one downside to the season is that there aren’t any holiday themed episodes but there is a secret paintball war episode, a sci-fi themed episode and much more. These were just my favorite out of all 13 episodes. I also really liked the final episode of the season, where the group talks as if their lives were actually a TV show and they all give their thoughts on how it would end, if it were the last episode of a series.

Special Features

The special features that are included in this two-disc 13 episode set are: Deleted Scenes, Season Six and a Finale, Community Trivia and Gag Reel.

The special features are spread out on both discs, with the first disc containing just a couple of deleted scenes and Community Trivia, which the cast and crew of the show are asked questions based on the entire history of the series. The second disc has several deleted scenes, a gag reel and a behind-the-scenes featurette (Season Six and Finale), where the cast and crew discuss how they felt about not knowing if the series would be picked up for another season or not and they also discuss how their experiences have been with shooting this latest season with Yahoo!.

The special features add over 30 minutes, so it’s a pretty good amount of added content.


The two disc set has a cardboard slip cover, which protects the DVD plastic case from getting any minor damages like scratches or dents.


This latest season did enough to make me want to go watch the entire series. It was hilarious and it’s a great show to binge watch. Fans of the series would really enjoy this complete sixth season DVD set. It has everything that I would imagine the fans of the show wanted more of.

I give Community: The Complete Sixth/Final Season? DVD 8 fridges out of 10.

Community: The Complete Sixth/Final Season? comes to Digital March 7 and DVD March 8.