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BridgeOfSpiesBlurayComboSteven Spielberg‘s Bridge of Spies, Starring Tom Hanks, comes to Blu-ray combo pack and DVD today (Feb.2). Bridge of Spies is inspired by the true events of a Brooklyn Lawyer, James Donovan (Tom Hanks), who finds himself in the middle of the Cold War, when the CIA asks him to do a nearly impossible mission to negotiate the release of a captured U-2 pilot.

After watching this film, it made me wonder why James Donovan is not a household name and in every high school text book. The film brought this man’s extremely powerful story to life. It was filled with suspense and emotion, the cast was great and the backdrops were very true to what was around in that era.

Bonus Features

Included with the film’s in-home release are four featurettes that give you even more insight into the story of James Donovan, the Cold War and the film. One of the featurettes, “A Case of the Cold War”, Steven Spielberg as well as the cast and crew talk about how intense and scary the Cold War era was. Steve Spielberg revealed his own personal ties to the Cold War and even tied some of his experience into the film. The other featurettes are: “U-2 Spy Plane”-A look into a real U-2 spy plane, “Berlin: 1961: Re-creating The Divide”- this behind-the-scenes look makes you realize how much work and research goes into a historical biopic film; and “Spy Swap: Looking Back On the Final Act”, this feature talks all about recreating the exchange on the Glienicke Bridge.

Each of these featurettes are very informative and great extras for this film.


The standard blu-ray case, which holds the Blu-ray disc, DVD disc and digital HD code, is protected by a cover slip that has a bit of the 3D texture to it.


Bridges of Spies is a great movie. Not only is Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg a dream pairing, but the story itself is just amazing. I wish they would have had a film like this back when I was in high school, so we could watch this instead of the boring history films that made me fall asleep in class. The bonus features were great and very informative. Everyone from Steven Spielberg to Tom Hanks and the Donavans gave their insight into the film and the actual events.

I give the Bridge of Spies Blu-ray combo pack 10 fridges out of 10.