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The new trailer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released yesterday literally broke the internet, crashed movie sites, and made us all relive the magic that made us the fanboys and fangirls we are today. As a fan myself i re watched that trailer over and over again (26 times) and have frozen frame by frame analyzing each scene, and one in particular caught my eye , we see Han Solo leading Finn and Rey into a temple or building with a huge robot walking past them but there’s a symbol on the top of the doorway which you can see below.


For those who don’t know that’s a Mandalorian symbol, which can be seen on the most famous bounty hunter so far, Boba Fett. As we know in Return of  The Jedi, Fett falls to his demise into the sarlacc pitt, but… what if he made it out? Disney and Lucasfilm have made it clear that they are aware about the love for the character, so what if he survived the pitt, and this is where he is staying. Could Max Von Sydow be playing an older retired boba Fett? The possibility is there but then why would Han be taking Finn and Rey to go see him, could Fett and Solo possibly become good buddies by the time The Force Awakens comes around? We can only wait and see.