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Just as the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting underway, DC could possibly be getting an “agents” type show of their own. Again, I say “possibly.”

During an interview with Uproxx, according to comic book creator Ed Brubaker, ‘Gotham Central’ may once again be considered for a TV treatment. Brubaker went on to say, “The book is actually more popular now than when we were doing it. There’s been talk of ‘Gotham Central’ on TV since when we were doing the comic even (in the mid-2000s). Everyone at Warner Bros. really loved it. Chris Nolan after they did ‘Birds of Prey’ had asked them to just please not do any Batman-related stuff until he was done with his trilogy — looking at ‘Birds of Prey,’ you can see why. It was not the world’s greatest pilot.

No official word from Warner Bros. has emerged yet but now that Nolan has finished his Dark Knight series, this series could at least be talked about again. DC & Warner Bros. have a lot going on right now. Of course, the Superman/Batman movie is being worked on as well as both TV series, Arrow & the upcoming Flash. Could Gotham Central just be too much for DC & Warner Bros. to even be considered right now?


souce: Uproxx