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While Gavin Richter may only be 7 years old and entering the second grade, he is a die hard super hero fan.  He has attended SDCC, Wondercon, Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze and D23.
In 2012 Gavin attended Wondercon as “Rescue Captain America”.  With a real metal army helmet and metal shield, he was a big hit and was constantly asked for photos with other cosplayers.
In 2013 he attended San Diego Comic Con as an Agent of SHIELD / Kid Coulson.  Toting a modified Nerf Longshot CS-6 cleverly disguised as a Destroyer Gun, he was a huge hit with fellow cosplayers and fans in general.  Some of his photos were retweeted by Clark Gregg himself, which further spread his popularity.  Gavin’s Dad also dressed as Captain America – a perfect compliment to Kid Coulson.
In August, Gavin attended D23 again as Kid Coulson, this time with a Captain America shield replacing the Destroyer Gun.  It was amazing how many Marvel / SHIELD fans recognized him from Facebook and Twitter (especially thanks to Clark Gregg’s retweets).
Gavin and parents Shawn and Pamela plan on attending the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con and Comikaze.  Look for Gavin again dressed as Kid Coulson, but we are already planning his 2014 costume – you’ll just have to wait and see.
Check out some of Gavin’s amazing cosplay!
Gavin recently started his own Facebook page (well technically Dad did, but…) you can be a fan of his page here:
Dad’s facebook page is www.facebook.com/cofphoto
Dad is also a Photographer, if you’d like to be a fan of his work:  www.facebook.com/caughtonfilmphoto
We hope to see you at some of the upcoming conventions!

Shawn, Pamela and Gavin Richter
Caught on Film Photography