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‘Sharktopus vs Mermantula’ by guest contributor Russ Troutt.


While Ian Ziering and Tara Reid were fighting sharknado’s, just a short boat ride over to the world of Roger Corman, Casper Van Dien has been trying to survive the battle between Sharktopus vs Mermantula. After fighting giant bugs, this should be no problem him. What in the hell am I talking about? Well, just this past week shooting wrapped on Roger Corman’s “Sharktopus vs Mermantula”. In case you missed it a few years ago, “Sharktopus” was a movie from Corman about a military experiment gone wrong in which the Sharktopus became uncontrollable and went on a killing spree. The creature had an upper body and head of a great white shark with the lower half of its body, you guessed it, being octopus tentacles.

In “Sharktopus vs Mermantula” a scientist apparently was trying to create the perfect human in a crazy experiment that resulted in a not so perfect result. Not a whole lot of details have been released yet, but it’s safe to say the top half of this “perfect human” will be a merman with the lower half being made up of eight spider legs. Godzilla had Mothra, now Sharktopus has Mermantula. We all have our guilty pleasures and one of mine is those corny Roger Corman movies. I just can’t help but love them. As soon as I find out more details I will post them. Until then, here are a couple of teasers to hold you over.