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Namtar here…

Fans of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy films might wonder where the insane criminal mastermind ‘The Joker’ had scampered off to when prisoners were freed from the newly constructed Blackgate Prison in Gotham City.  Well, the novelization of “The Dark Knight Rises” may shed some light on the Clown Prince of Crime’s whereabouts.

Scheduled to be released today on-line and in bookstores, the 415 page The Dark Knight Rises: The Official Novelization by author Greg Cox delves into the Jonathan and Christopher Nolan screenplay a little closer.  Original rumors had Heath Ledger’s Joker make a cameo via unused footage from 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” but it panned out as such.  Warner Bros. Studio later confirmed it was just a rumor.  Cox provides better details and lets fans know about the shady and ambiguous fate of the Joker.  Here is the exact quote from the novel .

“Now that the Dent Act had made it all but impossible for the city’s criminals to cop an insanity plea, it (Blackgate Prison) had replaced Arkham Asylum as the preferred location for imprisoning both convicted and suspected felons. The worst of the worst were sent here, except for the Joker, who, rumor had it, was locked away as Arkham’s sole remaining inmate. Or perhaps he had escaped. Nobody was really sure. Not even Selina.”

Remember Selina Kyle (Catwoman) was held at Blackgate Prison for a short time.  By using her feminine wiles, she would have had ample opportunity to find out from other inmates the location or whereabouts of the Joker.

From a historical standpoint, Adolf Hitler’s Deputy Leader of the Nazi Party Rudolph Hesswas convicted and sentenced to life in Spandau Prison on Oct. 1, 1946.  He was the sole occupant from 1966 until his apparent suicide in 1987.  By applying this form of punishment to Nolan’s Joker, there would be no one to talk to or play with.  Thus, driving the ‘Man Who Laughs’ into the further depths of his madness.

Note: Greg Cox is the New York Times bestselling author of several hugely popular Star Trek novels. He has also written successful novelizations and tie-ins for Countdown, Infinite Crisis and many more. Cox is a consulting editor for Tor Books and was nominated in 2008 for the Best Speculative Adapted Scribe Award for 52: The Novel.

Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  • wolf

    you all are dumb as fuck

  • Dor


  • heath leger made this movie wld hv b n crap wthout him

  • Xlash Andraid

    I had a crazy dream: The Joker coming back and giving Bane some anarchy lessons.

  • works for me!

  • Kriket

    I love how no matter where discussions start, it always ends with people calling one another morons or idiots, either most of you are 10 and have no real structure or are afraid of the opinions of others. Either way, it’s childish and petty. The movies were great, all of them and even more so, with or without Batman, it seems they plan on making at least one more. Great job folks, keep up the good work and thank you for the awesome entertainment that you aren’t obligated to give but, do so anyway.

  • rizzo

    so in other words no one has any fucking clue where he was during the events. Thanks for wasting my time with misleading titles

  • Mr.J Fan

    Well at least Joker’s fate was left open to interpretation in the novel. Still they should have given him a mention like have Gordon say “You know I don’t think anyone really knows what happened to him one day he just vanished.” That would very much suit him because he came out of no where and would thus vanish into nowhere.

    Besides with the Dent act absolved and all the prisoners released someone was bound to come get him someone like Bane claiming to be freeing the oppressed for example honestly whats one more freed nut job? Even if he was alone I doubt the guards would stick around giving ample opportunity to escape.

  • Pete

    right, dont title the article with the word ‘discovered’ when u dont actually say where he is, u Speculate where he is from a quote of a novelisation.

  • vert321

    the only reference, if one at all. was the little kid on the bus putting the joker cards against the bus window. and i think the john blake quote to bruce about gordon with the giant alligators was a croc reference also. My theory on the joker was that there could be a deleted scene of bane walking through the prison and seeing a cell coor closed and asking whos in there and someone telling him its the joker and bane says leave the clown because he could have been to insane for bane to even handle. who knows, but chris nolan should do something for the joker cause it was a hell of a job heath did.

  • superfan911

    gr8 movie either way. i wish they had done this into two parts amazing. go see if you have not, switch off ur iphone and just enjoy 2.40 plus mins the best time this year. is it true nolan after a break will secure the rights to the planetary patriot. the ultimate anti superhero he takes on the world and us all!

  • Man ALL you people just need to GROW the FUCK UP….the Joker was a FAKE person, Heath Ledger was a REAL person….they kept making Superman movies wen Christopher Reeves died…and i think that if ANY one culd play the Joker, after Ledger it wuld be Johnny Depp…and you never no, the next person to play the Joker might just blow Ledgers Joker outta the water…ya’ll can’t see the future….Ledgers version of the Joker was magnificent but so was Jack Nickelson’s Joker in Batman of ’89, UNTIL Heath Ledger reprised the role in TDK….the man’s DEAD, leave it at that, his version of the Joker died with him and NO one will EVER match it and to judge an actor’s character just becuz the man who played that same character before him died is just plain stupid…and for all we know Ledger might not have WANTED Nolan to drop the Joker in TDKR, i believe Ledger wulda wanted the character to live on and i also believe that Ledger wulda RESPECTED the man who wulda reprised his role…..look at all the other people who have died before, during, or after a movie and their character was portrayed by someone else in the sequel and did damn good RESPECTFUL job……..i been sittin here reading these posts between all of you and LMFAO its like listenin (reading) my little nieces and nephews fighting….and ALL the BB, TDK and TDKR was HUGE box offices successes, no one was IFFY about ANY of them….why hell you think there’s THREE of them????? Look thru film history, if the FIRST film isn’t successful, they do not make a sequel, let alone a THIRD installment

  • mjr1114

    Thanks for the “Man Who Laughs” reference. Many won’t get it, those who do and have seen the film and know the inspiration it caused, will.

  • J

    Think it’s a bit ridiculous that a debate started here about RESPECT and people are calling people names and saying things like “go die” – You’re really in no position to talk about respect amongst celebrities if you can’t exercise it in life.

    Also, I believe it was right not to have the Joker appear in the film, but I do agree that a mention would have been nice or a calling card left on the floor or on a window or something.

  • I am a huge Bruce Wayne fan and with that said I will add that ‘Batman Begins’ is my favorite. All three movies are absolutely excellent. Easily the best superhero trilogy ever! They became much, much deeper as they went along. Some people call that convoluted. I call it incredible story telling.
    These movies are their own Batman same as the different versions of Batman comics and cartoons. Even the old Adam West version. No one who appreciates Batman and Bruce Wayne can complain about any part of this story at all. In ‘Begins’ we only see Batman twice as the storytellers chose to focus more on the man and the becoming. Those things really hold my interest and my heart. Batman is also pitted against fighters of his own calibur, as well, which makes his wins that much more enjoyable, at least for me.
    Also, I am not a big-flashy-superhero-movie type of guy. I like ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’. Action with feeling. Not this garbage they’ve been feeding us for the last decade. Batman is the only comic book character I grew up on that I can actually see playing out in the real world. Well, Blade, but, that’s another story and that credit goes again to the genius of David Goyer. But, they took this story seriously, gave us real people, prettty much based them in our world, and gave us one hell of a show!
    With all 3 movies, I saw them each on the opening midnight at an Imax, I found myself speaking along with the movies not even knowing what they were going to say, but the logic of the conversation was so much like real life it’s just what people would really say in certain situations. That is phenomenal!
    I believe it will be a long, long time before we ever get a trilogy like this again. I can go on and on, but I’ll stop here. They all rock. ‘Begins’ is my baby!

  • This books sounds as stupid as the movie

  • Alex Stockwell

    Word of God(or at least what I’ve heard) is that The Joker was executed by the state between the two movies.

  • “Nobody was really sure” well that certainly doesn’t sound like his “whereabouts were discovered” to me

  • 411monk

    The Joker did make an appearance during DKR. It was in Aurora.

    • That was totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

  • Fatman66

    at least mention the joker in tdkr

  • Another Guy

    I don’t see how a few lines of dialogue would be disrespectful to Ledger’s memory or “account for a real life tragedy”. Michael Gough (who portrayed Alfred in the Burton and Schumacher films) passed away about a year and a half ago, yet Nolan didn’t see it as disrespectful to keep Alfred in TDKR, did he?

  • The truth hurts

    Yeah TBF they just fucked up the whole thing I mean come on I know lets smack the nuke into a building WTF. And yeah they should of brought joker back as for the whole drive him insane shit ha man needs to go back and re read every feeking batman comic and every thing… Yeah new and all but shit. 
    For all you people saying about HL pfft screw respect the man over dossed his fault his choice.. He had kids and chose to still fucking take drugs over and over. Dont care who turns this into what  ever they will, I just think The man was a dick. Great actor but dick. 

  • Guest

    this is a movie lets all calm down if u really hav a problem wit the movie it should be dat no other superheroes cum to help i kno its a batman movie but its set in the dc universe which as we all kno has other heroes so if u hav a problem wit it let it be that superman didnt cum and save erybody in 5 secs not that they didnt explain where a villian who is not crucial wat soeva to the plot was

  • guest

    Perfect set up for movies of the Arkham series :’D

  • M_panopoulos

    Its too bad what happened to Heath. But I agree. They could made mention of the Joker. In someway. Life goes on and so should the show. My father has months too live. Due too lung cancer. The world isn’t stopping for him. Or my selfish needs. Of having him longer in my life. So why should something as the Joker being casted matter????….

    • Sorry to hear about your Father!

      That being said tho, i do not feel a Recasting of Joker is a good idea…
      Heath just did too damn good a job IMHO and anyone else that might come after would probably suffer trying to top it or equal it… Not that there aren’t great actors that couldn’t do it but, the public in general would not be very open to it for quite awhile longer…

  • Thor’s Toilet

    LOL. A lot of you guys complaining sound like the Comic Book Guy:

    …without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.Bart: Hey, I know it wasn’t great, but what right do you have to complain?
    CBG: As a loyal viewer, I feel they owe me.
    Bart: What? They’re giving you thousands of hours of entertainment for free. What could they possibly owe you? I mean, if anything, you owe them.
    CBG: Worst episode ever.

  • MMesserly1980

    You people are fighting over something that would have essentially amounted to a cameo.

    • I haven’t seen all comments but, I’m not getting a sense of fighting over it, just debating..

      Stop Banging the War Drums,lol…

  • If it “panned out as such”…that would mean that they DID use the footage and the Joker was in the film.  I believe you mean that it did NOT pan out as such.

  • Bouj

    While watching TDKR, I just imagined that the Joker got taken by the Feds on terrorism charges and ended up in a SuperMax outside of Gotham, so his absence made sense.  But I like the sole occupant of Arkham line just as much.

  • Greg

    Heath Ledger captured the Joker’s persona perfectly!  No one can top his final preformance as the Joker in the future.  If they ever bring back the Joker in any future Batman movie then anyone who takes the role will not be remembered as much as Heath Ledger for his portrayal as the Joker.

    It would have been nice to see a cameo of the Joker in the Dark Knight Rises, but who’s to say they will not add it in the DVD or into a deleted scene within the DVD.

    RIP, Heath Ledger, your fans still think of your roles that you have played.

    Just remember any and all the actors and actresses who have past away due to overdosing to drug sales from a doctor’s perscription and using them as vitamins is not healthy.  My heart goes out to all those who have fallen to this abuse from the drug companies who push their drugs into the doctor’s offices and the doctor’s who have no idea what they are doing as to the sales of perscriptions especially to those who are higher profile than most of us.  The drug companies should all burn in hell for their abuse to what they beleive will help your body.

    Herbal drugs are more healther for the body and they will not kill you!

  • Dolfang

    It looks like somebody has gotten the actor confused with the character. Joker is still alive and well and always will be. Many different actors have played the part, but the Joker is the Joker… not the actor that plays him. Should the Joker nor be used anymore because Ceaser Romero died?… Cmon guys, get a grip.

    • Duh

      lol, for real….

    • Really, your comparing  the Joker from my Fav TV Show as a kid to the more modern  Movie Jokers? Are you frakking nuts?

      Caesar did an excellent and Iconic job in his day and for that Joker, Nicholson also did the same for his version.. Heath just did a smashing job of bringing a reinvented Joker to life and it was impeccable… Now if in the future they reinvent Batman again then another guy doing it will make sense…

  • DolfanG

    Nah… He was watching a movie, Heidi, and never knew anything about a jailbreak. He’ still safely tucked away in prison.

  • It’s good that the character is kept alive should anyone ever return to this series.

  • Batman fan

    ok, I understand that everyone wants the Joker back I dont blame you. First, its a trilogy they’re not saying that there is never going to be another Joker again they just dont want to do that to that actor he was for that trilogy. Second, you’re not thinking about the time the movie is in its been 8 years since that event you noticed how people didnt even wanna talk about Batman before he came back. When Batman came back Gotham was dealing with a new criminal, Bane which they’ll focus on the thing at hand rather than think about the past. Yet good article now i want to get that book

  • Hey, none of these people exist.

    • Umm, neither do you…

      For all we know your an imaginary character made up to spam with…

  • jason baum

    no.  just no.  this is just a horrible explanation.  the joker would never stay away from batman/gotham.  in a realistic world, a villain like him would in fact probably be securely locked away for good.  that is completely more believable than the joker escaping and staying away for good.  im irritated just reading that. 

  • Stephen Dickson

    I’d heard Joker was executed in Nolan’s universe. 

  • “…further depths of his madness?” The man was methodical, thorough and brilliant in his planning. That does not suggest madness to me. The original Joker did things off the cuff, flippantly and with a flair for the extravagant. That denotes madness much more than the new Joker. Both have their own style and both have their own way of piquing the interest, but please do not compare the two, they are completely different from each other. That would be like comparing a banana to a female aardvark.

    • Namtar

      Madness and intelligence are not the same thing.  Someone can be absolutely crazy and a genius at the same time.  The two are not symbiotic.

      •  Probably won’t be too much of a genius if you are completely crazy.

        • would probably be brilliant at making souffle out of children.

        • mjr1114

          It’s been documented/studied that many psychopaths are inherently overly intelligent.

  • Fr

    Made for children who dont question ridiculous holes in films because explosions are going on, to me Dark Knight was the same. I admit i enjoyed Batman Begins but the other two were a complete sell out. 

    • Daffykilledmarvin

      So how was a joker who kept telling everyone how he got his scars a kid movie? or burning off someones face, killing his fiancee in cold blood and ready to blow 2 boatloads of people? you do realize that Batman started as DETECTIVE comics? There was just a few gadgets and mostly crime and detective work more plot than superpowers or flare..these 3 are actually the opposite of the keaton clooney and kilmer roles….and ledgers joker was a total dark and twisted version compared to Jacks campy twisted role

      • mjr1114

        I think the point was that this article was made for ‘children’ whom are questioning ‘holes’, not that the movies, themselves were made for children.

  • Fr

    Batman begins was a good movie but the other two were childish and without proper structure, they were just made for the masses who just love action with things blowing up and are willing to throw money at it. Burtons Batman and Batman returns were so much better than these new ones.

    • Then explain why you have both on DVD/BLURay already and can’t wait for this to come out?

      Your full of it and it bleeds thru with every word…
      you mainly just want to be listened too, so go make friends somewhere and stop bothering people in here with your tripe…

  • Fr

    Jack Nickleson was a better joker than Ledger.

    • Poop

       your an idiot

      • mjr1114

        I agree, as did Heath Ledger, which is why he chose to play the Joker completely different as a different character. He stated this in an interview. He felt he could never recreate Nicholson’s Joker, he stated he went the more maniacal route with his character. So, he really wasn’t playing the Joker character originally intended, he ended up playing a different mastermind, all together.

  • Ticketmaster

    Heath Ledger was a good actor but he was not innovative. Here is where he got his Joker. 


    • Puckett99

      Yeah, that’s where he got the voice….that’s pretty much it. There was so much more to the character though, the nervous tics, the maniacal laugh. He was an inventive actor and he played the character better than anyone we have ever seen, and to be honest, better than anyone we might ever see, period. He is the new standard to which comic book villans will be compared to in cinema. However, kudos on the find, it’s very eerie hearing that voice.

  • LOL

  • Danielchubbsucks

    Omg stop kissing dead ass, so since ledger popped pills til he died means not tying up the story about the greatest villain EVER? He did great but please stop walking on egg shells this is just rediculous

    • David

      He didn’t “Pop pills til he died”. He was on prescribed medication that had a “don’t use with alcohol” warning, but what prescription medicine DOESN’T have a warning not to use with alcohol. Anyway Ledger had *ONE* glass of *WINE* and that was enough to cause a fatal overdose.  Sadly it took five weeks for the full chem report to come back, and by then everyone had painted him as a drug fiend and the media didn’t bother correcting them.

      So please, lets respect his memory. He Death was tragic and untimely, and while he did know not to have alcohol, I’m sure he thought one glass would be ok, tragically that was all it took.

      • Yep!

         You are half right…  It wasn’t just *ONE* glass of *WINE* that killed him.  It was also the amount of the prescribed medication that he took.  He took more than what was prescribed and along with the *WINE* it killed him.  When a bottle says take 1 pill every 8 hours  and you take 5 pills every 6 hours…..  You are abusing the medication.  Ledger abused his medication and died from a result of it. 

        Don’t try and act as if it tragic…  It’s not…  If it were so tragic then why aren’t people crying over the hundreds of junkies who die every day.  Since that is all Heath Ledger was…..  A Junkie!

        •  A terrific actor died. Yes, it is tragic. That’s all that really needs to be said.

        • Diw08

          Can you site that from somewhere? I got my information from my a relative who is the Brother of the Dr. who performed the autopsy blood work.

          • Diw08

            Im trying to find a link to something official if I can.

          • Lolomgz

             Yeah right, you wish! Haha. Where’s your sources? Proof, or it didn’t happen.

          •  Hey genius, did you not see my post? MSNBC said that the overdose was because he had the same types of prescriptions from more than one doctor but different named drugs. It was purely accidental, not deliberate. Not every drug overdose is because the person’s a junkie, give them the benefit of the doubt.

          • Matt

            If you go to the doctor you would tell them about what drugs you are currently taking. I do not believe it was an accident he got different drugs. He was just trying to get more. It was his own fault he held back info from doctors. I know stupid people that go to different doctors to get more pills. He probably just wanted the buzz.

          • Mith

            This.  He went from doctor to doctor to get more.  
            Pain medication (vicodin, oxycontin, hyrocodone) is the most abused drug in the world, and those mentioned are very addictive.  Once someone gets hooked, which is easy, it takes more and more pills to satiate the addiction.  He had a problem.  I have been too close to this subject within my family, and know that every drug addiction is tragic.  Ledger was talented, and his death tragic.

          • Duh

            you clearly have zero experience w/ addicts.  bow out now please.

        • Oh, and for the record…I just found this on MSNBC…

          “Three of the six prescription drugs found in Ledger’s apartment had
          been filled in Europe, where the actor was recently filming, police
          “If you see one doctor for one thing and you see another doctor for
          another thing, neither the physician nor the patient may realize they’re
          getting two similar medications,” Prosser said.”

          They said it was completely accidental and Heath Ledger might not have even KNOWN that the pills did the same thing since they had different names on them. Don’t judge on guesswork. Judge on facts.

          • Duh

            facts are he was doctor shopping to get what he wanted, which is a felony here in the US.  get YOUR facts straight smart guy.

          • mjr1114

            In order for him to have had too similar of a medication he was ‘dr hopping’ and ‘pharmacy hopping’. If a person stays with one pharmacy, even if they only have one MD, the pharmacy would alert the MD of the combination of meds being prescribed and only dispense the medication, if the md approved. (most likely advising that the other med was being d/c’d) Many people will see different MD’s and not fill out their paperwork truthfully, so they can get more medication, then they will go to a different pharmacy then they previously used to get the new rx filled. The DEA can and will catch it over time, if it becomes a trend, but it does take time. The poor pharmacists get grilled like criminals, though, mainly to insure they aren’t acting in a criminal way, but it’s scary to see, when they do start investigating.

        • Duh

          pretty much, yeah…

      •  Yes, his doctor oh-so-responsibly prescribed Heath oxycontin, xanax, AND clonazepam, AND vicodin…do you have any idea how deadly of a combination that is?

        To top off the fact he couldn’t possibly have been in that much pain to need oxycontin.

      • Duh

        one glass of wine isn’t going to kill you on anything unless you take waaaaaaaay too much of it.  lets respect people suffering from addiction in general and not make up excuses for actors because we like them when we obviously know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about drug toxicity, alcohol consumption or drugs and behavior.  …jackass…

  • AtariBaby

    Bad title. Whereabouts specifically not discovered in aforementioned quote.

  • nafees

    thats a good point!

  • Exactly where I thought he was…

  • Ghana92

    Thus, driving the ‘Man Who Laughs’ completely insane. umm…isn’t he already completely insane???

    • Jericho

      there is a difference between deadly insane and deathly insane…..

    • Chatter

      I’ve always subscribed to the theory Joker suffers from “Super Sanity.” Though that’s my personal preference. 

      • Namtar

        I like that definition.

      •  Someone has been reading either The Killing Joke or Arkham Asylum…Either way I know someone didn’t come up with that themselves

        • Erick the Redd

          He didn’t say he did, he only said thats the theory he subcribes to

  • None

    Out of respect for Heath Ledger we won’t even mention him? He put his heart and soul into that role and brought in an audience that was iffy after Batman Begins. It seems more disrepectful to not even mention his amazing work in my opinion.

    • arun279

      I read in an interview of Nolan where he said, and I am paraphrasing, “I don’t want to account for a real life tragedy in the plot of the film, I don’t feel comfortable doing it. So we will not be mentioning Joker’s disappearance in the film”

    • Nabeel Khan

      TRUE !

      That’s what I’ve been saying !!!!!!!It seems as a dis-respect instead.

      Every previous villain was present but Joker.

      They could very easily do it, with unseen footage or with CGI, but they did not.

      • Perry Constantine

        How is it disrespectful to NOT use a false image of a deceased actor? You’ve got some really bizarre thoughts on what is and isn’t “disrespectful.”

        And for the record, the Joker was not the “only” villain who didn’t appear — there was no Falcone, there was no Maroni, there was no Zsasz, and there technically was no Ra’s as he was nothing more than a figment of Bruce’s imagination.

        • TwoFace

          well….Falcone was batshit crazy to the point of just being a useless insane inmate thanks to the Scarecrow in Begins. Maroni was killed by Two-Face in the Dark Knight by crashing his car. Dont recall Zsasz really being in any of the films and if he was, dont remember him having any kind of a role anyway.

          • He was in Batman Begins for all of like 2 minutes…

          • It was only a nod. Look it up on google to see the pics of the character. He escaped the Asylum and then the next we see him is on the streets attacking Dawes and the kid after the steam had been released.

        • Nix_Nightbird

          An actor is not his character. That’s the point of being an actor. Many actors can play the same character, and retiring a character– especially one that existed prior to the current incarnation– because the actor who most recently played him has died is a stupid idea.

          The Joker is an eternal literary creation. Heath Ledger was a mortal who stepped into The Joker’s shoes for a brief time. We don’t avoid Superman because George Reeves killed himself, and we shouldn’t avoid the Joker because Ledger died shortly after filming his turn as that character. 


          • Djingoist90000

             Actually, they DID avoid Superman on film for a good two decades there.  Time is the healer of wounds, and Chris Nolan did the respectful thing, and neither accepted a CG Joker , unused footage (which he himself deemed set for the cutting room floor) OR using another actor.

            For a different take on what is considered “respectable”, yet done in a creatively different approach – the ACTUAL film Ledger was filming at the time of his death was “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.”  Terry Gilliam – another respected AND respectful filmmaker – shelved the project for half a year, then came up w/ the solution to have 3 different actors portray Ledger’s unfinished scenes while INSIDE the Imaginarium mirror.  Johnny Depp, Jude Law, & Colin Farrell each paid tribute in their own way to their respected peer thru individual performances that worked in a sort of “Dr. Who-esque” alternate universe selves manner.

            But to just say anyone could get away with that?  Preposterous.  And to criticize an artistic decision by a man who worked directly with an actor he respected, whose immersion in a role may have somehow had a connection to his untimely demise (whether imagined or real) – criticize all you want.  It has no affect on his decision.

            Let’s hope the next filmmaker Warner Bros. chooses will also benefit from the distance of time & memory, so we can give Nolan’s vision the respect it affords. 

            He’s effectively pushed the boundaries of:
            a) Comics’ portrayal in film  (see Webb’s Spider Man) ,
            b) Realism’s limits in Comics-related / Fantasy / Sci Fi films (see the Prestige , Inception , & Memento, compare their contributions to his Batman interpretation … give it a minute.  Meditate on it, if you will.) 
            c) 100 yrs of Film & Cinema technology NOT being thrown beneath the rug, just b/c someone figured out how to correct ‘parallax’ in 3-D cameras & projection.  (See his defense of IMAX over 3-D)

            So – criticize all you want.  Fill the air with your air.  But give things time.  Or would you prefer we convert your grave into a Wendy’s, perhaps, within the first year of your death?

            Why so serious?  SMILE.

          • Steven

            I agree about no footage, but mention of the Joker by Gordon would have been perfect IMO, being both respectful to Ledger and a nod to the fans.

          • bawoman

            I agree.No footage is fine,but even a vague reference to The Joker would have been good.Maybe a passing remark that he escaped, or dissapeared or something in the end of the film,as a way to show that the character will always be with us,and as a tribute to Heaths magnificent interpretation.
            He is Batmans arch villain,it just doesnt make sense that he isnt mention whatsoever in the last film of the Batman trilogy.

          • RBurns17

            From what I understand, something of such was scripted but seemed too forced and unrealistic. Why would anyone in the film go out of their way to mention someone who has been locked up in a cell for 8 years with a cheap one-liner? It’s highly possible they nixed a mention because of something like that.

          •  They may have avoided Superman in the movies but they sure as shit didn’t when it came to the comics and cartoons. Either way, you’re justifying an act of irratonality. Avoiding a character for 20 years is a good idea to you?

          • Fe

            And they’re not avoiding the joker in the comics either…what’s your point here?

          • That Guy

            Fe, if you’re not gonna bother to pay attention, don’t try to join the conversation.

          • Asd

            no need to be a fucking dick. Go die.

          • Duh


          • SwearToMe!

            Hey, I love your piece on this “moral” stand on -um-…what do you call it?  this, this…bourgeois of character portrayal and death. I understand. You’re hurt. Here’s a curve, say the movie recieved horrible ratings, it wasn’t as “explosive” or “thought-provoking” as others make it out to be, here, let’s say Heath sucked at his role then died, would we be having this argument? Surely we only respect those who put up a great role, but honestly this would’ve had a different take had “The joker” not been as “thought-provoking” as any other joker. Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus has just recently died of cancer, but was replaced with voice overs before being fully replaced by Liam McIntyre. (Joker laugh inserted here) A character will always be a character, here I agree with NIX_nightbird, time never heals anything. So I leave you with this…

            “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds
            remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar
            tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” -Rose Kennedy.

          • Duh

            lol, totally.

          • Zrzach

            @SwearToMe! “It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds
            remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar
            tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” -Rose Kennedy.

            – Then just die! an elephant never forgets.

          • radiomarine83

            and rose kennedy would know a thing or 4 about dealing with the deaths of high profile personalities…that woman has more black dresses than a larry king funeral procession.

          • Duh

            these roles and characters are bigger than the actors who play them.  get a grip.

          • …affords?

          • I dont think we should be hailing ledger as hero because he died..plenty of actors lie kirk douglas for example went to the edge with insane characters such as van gogh and came back to tell the tale..apart from ledgers admitedly intense performance the second film was alittle drawn out..whats wrong with jack nicholsons performance..this film had attracted far to much profundity..

          • Perry Constantine

            Where were Sabretooth and Toad in X2? Where was Nightcrawler in The Last Stand? Why wasn’t Blofeld in every single Bond movie? Why didn’t we see Karen Allen in Temple of Doom or The Last Crusade?

            This idea that every surviving character from the previous films needs to appear in the sequels is just flat-out ridiculous. What good would it have been to have the Joker in DKR? It would have served zero narrative purpose, it would have likely been a short clip, and it would’ve been a waste of time on everyone’s part.

            I’d rather remember the Joker as we last saw him in TDK — portrayed by Ledger and telling Batman that insanity is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. I don’t want to remember him played by some extra in a dimly-lit room for a ten second cameo.

          • Duh

            actually the third film was supposed to heavily involve the joker, that’s why they had to scramble to change the story and gave us a film w/ more plot holes then a block of swiss cheese…

          • Jennifer Shreck

            thats not true. The Nolan’s and Goyer didnt even begin writing for TDKR until WAAYYY after Heath Ledgers’ death.

          • Correct as you are, it does not forgive the fact that plans for the story may have been set in motion. It has been suggested Nolan had a vision for the trilogy during the making of Begins, though not given much thought until The Dark Knight. Obviously that vision changed…even if the actual script for the TDKR had not begun until after a new vision was crafted.

          • the riddler

            i agree.. they may have written TDKR after heaths death but i think in nolans mind he had the original idea to use the joker in 2 and 3 ..rises is full of plot holes for example blake sees bruce in an orphanage then years later works out he’s batman from a look on his face and then bruce admits it even the joker couldn’t figure it out yet he just blabs to some cop and then gives him the keys to the batcave …if u google it theres a list of the main plot holes

          • We saw footage of Ras, Two Face, and the Scarecrow. All villains in previous Batman films.

          • Rob Parsons

            well said Nix couldn’t agree more

        • How is it disrespectful either way?

          • Duh

            its not.

        • Actionjackson1997

          Any appearance is still in the movie, and ra’s al ghul was in the movie several times, imagination, past or present, he was still in it. Didn’t he have to act all the scenes out though?

        •  Are you really trying to count 2 characters that nobody cares about in Maroni and Falcone and a really shaky rumored 3rd Zsasz was never named nor was it ever proved factual that the supposed “Zsasz” is actually him…You might as well be crying that there was no Joe Chill either

          • Perry Constantine

            I suggest you watch Batman Begins again.

          • Marc is an Idiot

            “nor was it ever proved factual that the supposed “Zsasz” is actually him…”

            You mean aside from the fact that they outright refer to him as, “Victor Zasz”?

          • Duh

            lol and mr. zasz by rachel…

            hey marc, if you don’t know, ask somebody.

      •  When it’s the 3rd and final film in a trilogy it’s not hard to squeeze in Scarecrow. It’s not like we were talking about a full on rogues gallery here it was 3 villains 

      • gothamknight23

        I saw the movie but no doctor crane(scarecrow) Did i miss him.

        •  He was the man who was sentencing Commish Gordon close to the end of the movie.  He was the judge making people choose between Exile or death.

    • Perry Constantine

      Why is it necessary to mention the Joker at all? Tons of sequels are missing characters who weren’t in previous films without any mention of their whereabouts.

      • Dionblaster

         To be fair, it WAS a little odd that the Joker didn’t even get a mention in DKR. What ever happened to “you complete me” or “this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”. The Joker considered Batman to be his greatest enemy and the one who “completes him”…so one would assume he’d be the first guy on the scene as soon as Bats returned to Gotham. He at least deserved a mention imo.

        • Duh

          just add it to the Batman: Severe Plot Holes Trilogy.

          dude i’m not even going to get into the tractor trailer scene in TDK… so gordon fakes his death to get harvey to say he’s batman, but harvey doesn’t know that jim faked his death, just the crooked cop who was standing there who dent killed for running his mouth ect… there’s so many other problems w/ that scene i could write an essay on it.

          • It seems you didn’t pay attention. Gordon fakes his death to protect his family (the Joker can’t hurt him by threatening his family if he’s dead). It was Harvey’s idea to pretend to be batman.

    • Shannedo

      Not at all! Nolan said himself that out of respect to the amazing Heath Ledger, they didn’t even want to try to account for the real-life tragedy. Most people feel it would be disrespectful to Heath’s memory just to explain away the Joker’s absence and I stand with them. May Heath Ledger rest in peace. 

    • Sam Smith3

       NOT to mention that in the article Warner Bros. Studio said that adding the unused footage was a rumor!

    • Bale

      Iffy? Batman Begins was godlike.

      •  Godlike more like Nap time. Batman Begins was the worst of the 3 until that is the Dark Knight Rises was released….It’s still pretty boring and not the best but…..Better than rises 

        • RB21220

          Boring? Go back to watching Transformer movies, moron.

          • rocky

            Yeah! How dare he a a different opinion on something that isn’t subjective!

          • Sean Garrett

            No matter how stupid that opinion is, you are correct.

        • Blah

          all 3 are insane. You’re a tool pal

        • Pancho_santiago

          Some people would just like to see the world burn…

        • You’re stupid.

          You’re an idiot.

          • No, You’re stupid.

            No, you’re an idiot.

        • B_rowe

           Just curious as to how Begins could be the worst of the three until the third was released?

        • D.K

          What are you taking about?? Boring. You have a no hair and probably still live with your mother! You are so disrespectful, and have no taste in superhero movies. Go back to your mommy and pay with yourself!

          • That Guy

            How about you shut the fuck up cause everyone has their own opinion, you don’t need to be a bitch because someone has their own personal opinion. Oh and how exactly is he being disrespectful or how he has no taste for superhero movies please enlighten me on that.

          • Wild Frank

            “You have a no hair and probably still live with your mother! You are so disrespectful, and have no taste in superhero movies.”

            For some odd reason I question whether it’s possible for someone with hair who doesn’t live with his mother to type a phrase like “you have no taste in superhero movies.”

        • redseven

          Boring? Worst? Go watch Batman and Robin you monkey shit eater! Then you will know what boring and worst is

        • Cinemoide

          Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises are the TWO BEST movies of the trilogy. The Dark Knight (2008) was a BIG SHIT!

          • Woodrow

            Obvious troll is obvious

        • Riddles

          Agreed. Why do the cops and prisoners meet up all civil-war like? Nobody tries to shoot bane in the head? ALL prisoners are murderers who want to kill cops? It’s so idealistic I want to go barf on a clown.

          • Guest

            I don’t think that’s quite how it happened, lol. The prisoners that did partake in that were implied to be the mob related ones giving life sentences because of the Dent Act. They’d have a reason to be angry. But the people Bane brought with him acted as catalysts to get mob mentality in their favor. And no one shot Dent in the head because of the “triggerman”, shooting him without due planning would have cause a nuclear explosion.

          • Lithae

            I don’t think that’s quite how it happened, lol. The prisoners that did partake in that were implied to be the mafia related ones giving life sentences because of the Dent Act. They’d have a reason to be angry. But the people Bane brought with him acted as catalysts to get mob mentality in their favor. And no one shot Bane in the head because of the “triggerman”, shooting him without due planning would have cause a nuclear explosion.

        • Rob

          Begins and Knight were both very good Rises was not.

          • disagree thought the second was a drag was glad to get bac to the whole leauge of shadows stuff

      • leighsdyneychina

        The one good thing about Begins is the abilitiy to provide the gizmos used by Batman…. Keating ones…. where the F%$k did he get a jet? Did he make it in the Fatcave…. absolutely ridiculous… At least Begins had some semblance of realism.. and yes… Heath is a loss to movies….. and being from Oz myself, a loss as a really nice human type person….

        • Robbie

          You’ve clearly never watched the movies. He got the “jet” from his multi-billion dollar company that specializes in military weaponry, and is run by inventor Lucius Fox.

    •  You know, TDK was good, but “Batman Begins” was better. There was no “iffy” there. People really need to stop with the whole “Heath Ledger was the messiah” crap.

      • I’m Trying To Speak

        Both movies (excluding TDKR) were just fantastic. ‘Begins’ dealt more with the transformation of Bruce Wayne to Batman. The movie is more plot driven.

        TDK had an amazing villain (character-driven). The Joker is simply amazing to watch in action. I admit, that I think I saw less of Batman in this movie, and that the movie was ‘disconnected’ as a sequel to ‘Begins’. Besides, I don’t think too many people here are on their knees for Ledger. ‘Begins’ was a great reboot for the Batman movies, but neither Scarecrow or Ra’s al Ghul was as powerful a character as the Joker.

    • That Guy

      “and brought in an audience that was iffy after Batman Begins.”

      Either you weren’t paying attention, or you’re one of those idiots  like Marc here still whining because BB was heavier on character and development than whacky villains.

    • assass

      I agree with you, but an iffy audience? What are you talking about? People loved that movie.

    • Nolan felt uncomfortable with the idea. That’s it. Let’s not forget he and the crew knew Ledger personally and spent a lot of time working with him. We didn’t.

    • Iceman00767

      I’m with you. Ledger’s performance was amazing. The 2nd movie was BY FAR the best of the trilogy. Bane was crap as a villain by comparison. There should’ve been some mention of him, if for nothing else, as a tribute.

    • Cinemoide

      Heart? Soul? How can you know? Any gauge emotions to know?

      It’s what I always say … when a movie leaves the audience thrilled too, is a sign that the movie is a pretty shitty. This is called “the emotional appeal.” A serious message to the public is nearly nonexistent in the second film.

      Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises are two great movies.

      But The Dark Knight (2008) is a pile of shit!

  • making crap up.  what gives that man the authority to say where the Joker went?  Unless Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane or Chris Nolan says where he went will I agree.  The next thing we’ll here is another book by Edward Nygma saying that Bane never died after being hit in the face and chest by a cannon and he was spotted in Wayne Manor again stealing Robin’s Cheetos. 

    • this is the “official” novelization, meaning taken from the script.  Read any novelization of a film and you’ll find parts cut during filming in it.

      • Did you read the script?  Can you guarantee me that this was actually in the script?  I am going to guess ……No?    

        • when the press release for the novelization includes a comment about the inclusion of this thrown out idea from the script

    • Seriously? Three out of those four people are dead.

      • Dude, I admire you.  You actually reminded me of something that I already fu#king knew.  You actually found the time and calculated as if I gave a d@mn and didn’t know these people were dead.  I was reading DC Comics, when you were hanging from your pops’s tea-bags.  Don’t you think that if I knew the names of these people I would know they are dead?  Can I stay outside your house in one of your four bushes and let you guess which one I am in?  

        • Just because you “need” to drink, doesn’t mean you should.

    • Crip007

      Kinda hard if 75% of those men are DEAD…epic fail

      • Read it again Mr. Obvious.  Holy sh!t, 
        OF COURSE THEY’RE FU#KING DEAD!  So…until you learn how to resurrect some mother fu#kers, stop making sh!t up. You people remind me of fu#king Bible thumpers, always interpreting and bullsh!t.  oh, how about this, since we can just make sh!t up, because we know where the Joker was.  He was in your house force feeding your mother and sister in the @$$ and mouth while I was watching and enjoying a nice Coca-Coal and a smile.  Guess what?  I’m not dead, so this new little article I just wrote has to be true.  Simpletons…your lives are an epic fail.

        • your mom!

          Someone is angry… and maybe a little simple himself…
          Quite a few typos in there buddy-boy! Best make sure you’re perfect yourself before stamping all over other people’s comments next time!

        • Someone is a PUNK ASS BITCH, attacking someones family….Ur nothin but a PUNK….and UR Mama and sister got a thermometer up their ass cuz i sat fire to it…..how u like that dude? I’m still alive

  • Unga

    ” By applying this form of punishment to Nolan’s Joker, there would be no
    one to talk to or play with.  Thus, driving the ‘Man Who Laughs’
    completely insane.”

    I think I read this somewhere else…  Not much to prove it though.
    *listens to the 1964 song “People”*

  • snack-pak

    OK, for one The Joker wouldn’t be at blackgate, he would be in Arkham Asylum. You know what? Thats my only point.mln

    • Except that they said Blackgate replaced Arkham Asylum. The suggestion that Joker was kept secluded in Arkham as the lone resident speaks both to the danger he poses for his ability to recruit the criminally insane as well as ties in logically with why he was not seen wreaking havoc upon escaping from Blackgate with everyone else.

    • Jokers_whereabouts

      The Dark Knight film has Batman telling the Joker that he belongs in a padded cell. Then the Joker gets arrested by the SWAT Team. I assume that Arkham Asylum is located outside of Gotham “Manhattan” island where the second half of The Dark Knight Rises takes place. Bane only releases Blackgate prinsoners on that city island. Before Batman’s identity was going to be revealed, Joker goes on TV and imagined a world without Batman to be “…so…boring”. So in the third film, Joker is in a straitjacket at Arkham, bored to death. Even if the Joker had a part in this film, Bane would’ve had him killed for getting in the way of his “revolution” I think.

      • Jericho

        yep, Arkham is supposed to be in the Narrows which is separated from the rest of the city…according to Batman Begins…

      • Xdfbfd

        Yes, it’s said in different Batman comic books that Bane didn’t like the Joker at all, and actully tried to kill him.

  • Deepesh Kapadia

    According to IMDb.com trivia, “Out of respect for Heath Ledger, the Joker is never once mentioned for the whole film.”. Thus there was no mention of joker even though they initially thought of this.

  • Maybe he was convicted of federal crimes, and sent to a supermax