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While I was out of town, I happened to be flipping through the nightly staple of cable programming, when I stumbled across an Animal Planet program, which featured a topic that I thought would be of  lukewarm interest at best… Mermaids.  I will confess, I was flatly wrong. Animal Planet knocked one out of the park with their realistic science fiction special “Mermaids: The Body Found.”

The two hour sci-fi documentary/drama follows the exploits of three research scientists on their journey to uncover the truth after they discover the remains of what appears to be a mermaid. Mermaids have been described by people and societies around the globe since the dawn of history.  So, why is this particular story any different?

Animal Planet did a very interesting thing.  By blending mythology with fact, they have made a compelling and entertaining program.  What enhances the show is the use of amateur video, photographs, and sound recordings.

The feature begins in 1997 with scientists from NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) who are called in to investigate a mysterious whale beaching in Washington State.  It seems, the Navy has been testing a new type of Sonar which causes brain and organ damage in the large mammals.  However, these creatures are not the only ones affected.  Before the scientists arrived, two boys had stumbled across a mysterious shape next to the whales in a small pile of seaweed.  One of the boys records video of a slowly moving humanlike hand with webbed fingers on his cell phone.

“Mermaids: The Body Found” delves into the Aquatic Ape Theory, which lends credence to the mermaid myth.  Spectacular CGI animates a world where mermaids really do swim below the water’s surface, cooperatively hunt with dolphins and may continue to survive in an intricate society where they stay hidden in fear of their Earth-bound relatives.

Later, the scientists from NOAA make their own discovery.  In South Africa, a fisherman catches a great white shark, and in its belly are the remains of what appears to be a mermaid. The NOAA scientists, along with a few colleagues, autopsy the body.  Experiments, specimens, and documents are generated by the team. Unfortunately, the South African government raids the laboratory and confiscates all of their work. It seems all of the governments of the world are in league in order to cover up the existence of mermaids.

With compiled amateur footage, including photos and video shot by deep-sea fishermen that have never been shown in the US, as well as cinema-quality CGI, “Mermaids: The Body Found” argues how a mythical creature – one of humankind’s most enduring legends – may be real. It depicts how mermaids may have evolved from the early human family tree and persisted into the present day.

There is a moment at the end of the program where the team talks to the two boys who discovered the mermaid at the Washington State whale beaching.  The U.S. Government had interviewed the kids and had convinced them that what they saw wasn’t a mermaid.  The two boys capitulate and step in line with the authorities, but one of the young men has held something back, and reveals this evidence to the NOAA team. Although brief, it turns out to be quite a surprise.

Find it on DVD, on-line, or watch a repeat showing through your local cable service.  This program is entertaining and well-worth catching.

“Mermaids: The Body Found” is produced by Darlow Smithson for Animal Planet, and stars Sean Cameron Michael, Andre Louis Weideman, Candice D’Arcy, and David Soul (narrator (voice.)) Tom Brisley is executive producer for Darlow Smithson. For Animal Planet, Charlie Foley is executive producer, creator, and writer. For Animal Planet, Vaibhav Bhatt is co-writer, and supervising producer, while Jamie Dugger is producer. The director of animation is Steve Gomez, from Bandito Films. Sid Bennett directs.

Source: Discovery Channel

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  101. Bayfia

    I was very excited by this film. To me, it seemed believable. I thought it was very, very well done.  And certainly the research theory behind it is genuine (I studied up on that).  I know for a fact that 1000s of people around the world have made it their business to download the full docu-drama from the website where I uploaded it.  Quite literally 1000s. It was worth watching, very entertaining, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. And my upload website is the only one that has the full film intact (altho it has Chinese subtitles, but it’s still broadcast in English).  I think people who sneer at something as creatively done as this film was, and complain about it don’t know how to view a film with an open mind.  Pity they missed out on the entertainment value and the sense of wonder it engenders. But as P.T. Barnum was fond of saying, “There’s one born every minute.”

  102. Bobikat

    To me it just means that the fairey tales about mermaids and the gods of the sky are real. I honestly believe that these stories are true, that we are someones project and that the Gods are not mythical but real. They are aliens that have been watching out over us for milions of years wether anyone wants to believe me or not.The mythical stories are real, we only choose to believe what we want to believe. Who really has stories of the old testement and pictures of the madonna and pictures of Christ. No one,,,,,,it’s almost like someone is trying to  make us believe what we or anyone else don’t know..

    • Guest

      as far as the Old Testement and evidence on the New Testement go, look into Orthodoxy.  You will find it all there.   

  103. Shelby

    Yeah? Then how do you explain the part when it showed the drawings of mermaids carved in the ancient rocks of egypt? They are real! They just animated the mermaids some. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE FOOTAGE OF MERMAIDS CAUGHT ON TAPE FROM 7.3 BILLION YEARS AGO. ok? they are real!! We think they are just hiding at the moment. They are just scared of us because our ancestors hunted them.

  104. Archi822

    El. documental sobre las Mermaids, es fantastico, de ellas se han sabido desde los tiempos de Ulises en la famosa obra la Odisea, es dificil creer que el hombre a conquistado el Oceano es imposible por su magnitud y profundida, muchas cosas los gobiernos ocultan para evitar un caos, esto mismo pasa con los famosos Extraterrestes, los gobiernos lo saben pero porque lo ocultan, hay intereses de pormedio? el tiempo lo dira.

  105. Ashbee1582

    I think its funny to get so mad at this program.  I think it was awesome to put more imagination into my kids minds and like that idea of what possibly could or couldnt be out there. Great Show wish I would have recorded it.

  106. bill

    if you believe in mermaids or not, Planet earth do and they also Explain the theory of their existance very well. I watched Mermaids: The Body Found documentary film on though its based on fiction but explained with the actual theory of evolution.  Interesting film to watch

  107. Spoilz

    This was a MOCKUMENTARY! Oh GOD! Anyone with half a brain can tell this shit was fucking FAKE. All that footage was FAKE. This is the same dumb ass who thought the Avengers sucked. Even Animal Planet aired a disclaimer saying it’s science fiction.

  108. Debs

    I doubt if the body parts that were put together from the stomach of a great white shark are all from the same animal, let alone mermaid….Do an independent DNA sample of each body part of the said mermaid.  I bet they came from different animals which the shark ate.   It was just a nice put together puzzle of body parts to excite the imagination.   The independent DNA tests will tell what the shark really ate!  

  109. Jwright520

    Good grief.  The program was obviously, OVIOUSLY fiction.  And Animal Planet lead the viewers to believe it was real.  I was suspicious the whole time I watch it, mostly because the testimonies of the “scientists” seemed to be scripted, and the entire show just seemed too perfect or something.  But when it showed the footage from the boy’s camera phone at the end, it became clear that the program had no credibility whatsoever.  Don’t be so gullible.  This was Animal Planet scheming its viewers, and it almost worked on me.

  110. Namtar

    This program will no doubt be on DVD eventually.  Be patient!  Things will happen.  Actually Tanya, Animal Planet tried to release the DVD, but there has been a delay.  Sources say the government is holding up the distribution of the program.  The conspiracy continues!

      • Namtar

        May I point out “your” is used incorrectly in your statement.  It should be written as a contraction, you + are = You’re.  Who is the f*%$ing idiot now?  And yes, “The Avengers” sucked.  “Independence Day” had the best shut down of a “mother” ship on film.  “The Avengers” copped out and used the same tactic, and badly I might add.  One more thing, if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee.  Don’t come to the site, if it makes you angry!

      • Spoilz

        Girl if the Avengers offended your eye then pluck your shit out. *Logs off to see the Avengers in the theater* Hater’s gonna hate.

  111. Tanya

    Oh, and FYI, there are no DVD’s available or repeat showings on the schedule.  Disappointingly, I only caught the last half of the film, and after frantically searching for future airings, discovered that it aired twice on the same day last week (Thursday, I believe), and no future airings are scheduled.  My cable company (Cox Comm) interestingly disguised it as a 2-hr “River Monsters” special.  There was also zero advertising for the film.  Fear of “Big Brother” not allowing the airing…??  We’ll never know.  I did email the programming department and beg for an encore airing.  All I can do it wait and see and/or hope someone I know knew about the film and had the wherewithal to record it.  Some of the film was hypothesized, but a good portion of it was what I personally believe to be fact.  I do not feel that the scientists were actors and believe they were providing a recount of actual experiences and events.  I do question the validity of the 2 boys phone video, but the film as a whole sure makes me think twice…about mermaids and “Big Brother”.

    • Spoilz

       He’s lying about the government part. It was a MOCKUMENTARY. They will release it on DVD.

      • Reality

        Alright Spoilz lets say that wasn’t real but how do you explain almost every civilization from 30 thousand years ago tell of the same thing even though they had no contact with eachother whats so ever and also the beachings all over the world actually happened unless you had your dumb ass knocked for all of 2004, also the evolution of land mammals to sea mammals actually happened whales and dolphins are proof of that, polar bears are evovling to sea mammals right now, and you can explain to me how all those damn spears have been in fish and sharks caught in europe and africa and washed up on shore all over the world?

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