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No casket!  No urn!  Not even a picture, just a bowling shirt.  This is how CBS and Warner Brothers hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men” will remember Charlie Sheen’s character Charlie Harper.  Personally, if I could come back from the dead I’d be angry or a zombie.  Either way, the Charlie Harper character will be sent to a different dimension on the program via a memorial service, which shows off his trademark-bowling shirt, and what appears to be a pair of pants all flanked by flowers.  Weep!!!

With the Charlie Sheen character killed off, show creator Chuck Lorre has whipped up a new character named Walden Schmidt (Aston Kutcher) to replace poor dead Charlie Harper.  Kutcher’s character is a broken-hearted Internet billionaire.  This addition to the show will heavily relate to viewers who are all billionaires.

CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler wouldn’t reveal details of the funeral, but did say earlier this week at TCA that  “programming standards and practices team is already on high alert.”

At the first table read on Monday you could “cut the air with the knife,” Tassler said, referring to the pressure on the cast to continue the ratings of the show, and the adjustment with a new star.

As for Sheen, “I have no idea [whether Sheen can turn the corner with new Lionsgate project, “Anger Management.”]  I know that he’s moved on and … his slate is full and he’s a very busy man,” Tassler said.

Back in March of this year, Sheen was fired from the show for apparent drug use, which jeopardized the actor’s health and the show’s direction.  A bitter war of words took place between Sheen and Lorre, which seemed to borderline on the ridiculous with Sheen’s unique use of the English language.

The episode will air on Sept. 19, the day after the Emmys.

“It’s all in the Tiger blood!”

Source: hollywoodreporter.com TMZ

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  • Namtar

    Lorre concocted this new Aston Kutcher character from an idea he had.  I wonder if he based it on the Social Network character Mark Zuckerberg (the billionaire co-creator of Facebook.)  In the film, Zuckerberg is pining over a fellow college student who he breaks up with within the first few minutes of the film.  I thought I’d throw my two cents in.  How original Mr. Lorre.  This show will go down faster than the Titanic.  Glad to see you’re visibly throwing in the towel.