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Several sources are reporting that actor Kevin Bacon has died. We hope it’s NOT true. Stay Tuned to NUKE THE FRIDGE for more info soon.


Update: Looks like the people reporting about Kevin Bacon’s death where part of a SICK joke. Thank God it was joke and sorry we feel for it.

We love you Kevin Bacon!

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  • http://twitter.com/mikeGsays Mike Garcia

    How was he in Queensland, Australia in a car accident AND shooting a film in Decatur, GA, USA at the same time?  Photo proof:


  • Happyhippie

    Why would people joke like that?

  • Artmaul

    That’s the kind of joke where people should get kicked in their balls/cunts.

  • Gigiandtomh

    I heard that He hads died yesterday in Car crash who and what kind of sicko starts rumours like this …….You should go see a shrink if you started this cause MAN YOU HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES

    • Navana

      I totaLLY AGREE with your comment. However I think it’s too late for a shrink. Just shut them down…!