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Former California governor and action film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in the film “Cry Macho,” which will earn him a reported $12.5 million.  He is expected to receive 25% of the gross, and he will also take partial ownership of the film’s negative.  Schwarzenegger will play the role of a down-on-his-luck horse trainer, who is asked to kidnap his former boss’ son from his ex-wife in Mexico.The character Schwarzenegger portrays is despondent over the death of his own wife and daughter, and agrees to take the job for $400,000.  Eventually the man makes his way through Mexico to locate and kidnap the child.  He finds his former boss’ ex-wife and their son, and discovers the mother really doesn’t want the boy and could care less about his abduction.  Making their way back to the U.S., the man and boy form a touching bond, while being pursued by Mexican Federales.

Academy Award-winning producer Albert Ruddy (“The Godfather,” ”Million Dollar Baby”) believes Schwarzenegger can bring an element of “sweetness” to the drama.  This is something Arnold hasn’t really been allowed to do in his previous movie roles.  The question is, can he pull it off?

It seems the former governor is adding more and more to his entertainment work schedule since leaving Sacramento.  According to reports, the project will start filming in September of this year.

What’s next?  Is Arnold gearing up for a “Twins” sequel with Danny DeVito?  Yes!  You’ve got to be kidding?

Sources: Associated Press, KFI-AM Talk Radio

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